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Old Maps


The National Library of Scotland now has a large collection of digital images of Scottish Maps.

 Maps of Scotland 1560 - 1769

Ponts Maps of Scotland c 1583 - 1596

Military Maps of Scotland - 18th Century


Ayrshireroots Maps


Below are a collection of different historical maps, ranging from the early 16th century to the early 20th century. 
These maps range in coverage from Dublin in the early 17th century, to British colonies in the new world during the eighteenth century and include others as well. 
These maps can help when trying to locate where ancestors were born in an area that has no "modern" record of them.



Battle of Dunbar 1650


The British Colonies in North America 1763-1775


British Florida 1763 -1783


British Isles Industries


Canada and Newfoundland 1867


Carolinas and Virginia 1663 - 1729


Central Britain 1715 1745


Commonwealth of Australia 1901


Discoveries of Spain, England and Portugal


Dublin 1610


England and Wales 1643


England and Wales 1660 - 1892


English Colonies 1660


English Colonies 1700 - 1750


English Colonies 1763 -1775


English Expansion to 1697


English Expansion 1698 - 1713


English Expansion 1714 - 1744


Glencoe 1691


Ireland 1500


Ireland 1550 - 1653


Ireland 1570


Ireland 1641 - 1892


Ireland Born Population in the US 1880


New England 1675


Scotland 1600


Scotland 1641 - 1892


Old Britain Gaul and Spain





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