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Ayrshire Emigration to New Zealand

This page compiled from the research of Val Maxwell and Joyce Kucija  ivan_joyce_kucija@zfree.co.nz 

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 Born in Ayrshire 

Taken from Settlers to Otago Pre 1861- New Zealand  Compiled by Val Maxwell - 1989

Allan Hugh Arrived New Zealand Storm Cloud, 1860. Single
Born Kilmarnock. Bullock Driver. Died 1860.

Allan James Arrived New Zealand 1846/48, Single, 22yrs
Storekeeper Wellington.
Born 1824 Ayrshire.
Survey Party Store Keeper, Dunedin.
Farmed Taieri Dunedin . Died 1891.

Allan John Arrived 184?, Weaver. Wife + 5 children (3 over 12yrs)
born Irvine Ayrshire.
Farmed Andersons Bay and East Taieri Dunedin.
Died 1863.

Begg Adam Arrived on the Blundello 1848, 35yrs Station Master. + Wife
Born Straiton Ayrshire. Farmed Andersons Bay Dunedin 
also Flourmilling.

Blair James Buchanan Arrived on the Cornwell 1849. 21yrs, Single, Farmer.
Born Colmonell Ayrshire. Farmed Green Island, Otokaia
and Brighton all Dunedin. Died 1873.

Blair Robert Arrived on the George Canning 1857, 46yrs. Wife + 5 children
Born Ayrshire 1810. Farmed East Taieri Dunedin

Burns Arthur J. Arrived on the Philip Laing 1848. 18yrs Single.
Apprentice, Merchant Navey.
Born Monkton Ayr, 1830
Farming and businessman in Dunedin. Died 1901

Burns Thomas Arrive on the Philip Laing 1848, 57yrs. Minister. Wife + 5 daughters
Born Mossgiel Ayr. 

Campbell Charles Arrived on the Alphine 1859, 47yrs. Farmworker Scottish Highlands.
Wife + 2 sons.6 Daughters
Born Ayrshire 1812. Farmed Hampden North Otago. Died 1902

Cuddie Thomas Arrived on the Philip Laing 1848, 27yrs, Cotton Handloom Weaver
Born Maybole Ayrshire. Wife + 1 son. Labourer Port Chalmers Dunedin.
Farmer Saddlehill Dunedin, 1855, 34 acres. Died 1871.

Drinnan James Arrived on the Jura 1858.
Born Symington Ayrshire.
Farm Servant. Farmed Lower Kaikorai Dunedin and
Tokomairiro South Otago.

Finlay John Arrived on the Strathallan 1858, 24yrs, Single
Born Fenwick Ayrshire 1824. Goldming Australia 1852.
Farmed Taieri Dunedin, 475 acres. Died 1903

Gebbie James Arrived on the Mooltan 1849, wife + 3 children
Born Riccarton Ayrshire, Nurseryman North East Valley Dunedin.

Kirkland James Arrived on the Maori 1852.
Born Kilmarnock.
Carter, Green Island, Dunedin. 

Kirkland William Arrived on the Maori 1852. Wife + 2 sons 2 daughters
Born 1799 Ayrshire. Farmed Green Island Dunedin
Died 1883.

Langlands Lachlan Arrived on the Victory 1848, 20yrs, Single.
Born Ayrshire. Customs and Postal Dunedin,
Farm Managing in Otago and Southland.
Secretary of the Early Settlers Museum.

Mackie John Arrive on the White Swann 1859, 19yrs Single
Born Ayrshire 1840, Farm Worker.
Farm Worker Caversham Dunedin. Farmer Tokomairiro
South Otago 1860. Gold Digging (unsucessful).
Foreman Roader Tokomairiro South Otago.

McKerrow James Arrived on the Cheviot 1859 + Wife.
Born Beansburn Kilmarnock.
Survey Assistant and Chief Surveyor in Dunedin.

Parkinson Richard Arrived on the Robert Henderson, 1858, 72yrs Single
Agric. Labourer, Dunedin.
Born Maybole Ayrshire
Died 1860.

Seaton James Arrived on the Philip Laing 1848, 26yrs. Wife + 1daughter (over 12)
Born Ayrshire 1822, Cotton Dresser.
Farming Portobello Dunedin Purchased farm 1858.
Immigration Agent. Died 1882

Templeton Thomas Arrived on the Gil Blas 3.3.1860. Wife + 2 children.
Born Kilmarnock, 26.9.1833. Married 1857, Rahnan Melbourne,
Wife Sussah MacFie
born Irvine.
Goldfields in Victoria, Australia. Brickmaker, Waikouiti Otago
during 1860 to 1884. Contractor on the roads.
1884 Farming Southland 150+ Acres.

Thomson William Arrived on the Ajax 1849, 24yrs, Single
Born Dundonald Ayrshire. Carter Dunedin.

Wilson James Arrived on the Thomas Henry from Melbourne on 16.3.1856, 42yrs
+ 2 children.
Born Prestwick, Monkton Ayrshire 1814. 
Gold digging Victoria Australia. Runholder Southland N.Z.


Some Passengers ex Ayrshire from New Zealand Bound Website


Passengers by the 'Mermaid' to Lyttelton, NZ December 27 1862 from London include:

Gray Grace Ayrshire Domestic Servant

Gray Charles Ayrshire Labourer

Paton James Ayrshire Labourer

Smith David Ayrshire Stonecutter


IMMIGRANTS PER BROTHER's PRIDE which sailed on 23rd July 1863

From the "Lyttelton Times," December 8, 1863

Dunlop David Ayrshire Ploughman wife and 1 child

Wallace George Ayrshire Mason wife and three children

Wallace Robert Ayrshire 25y Mason


May 24, 1862 ship Zealandia, 1032 tons, from London.

Bowie John Ayrshire Farm Labourer wife and four children

Colter Henry Ayrshire Farm Labourer wife and two children

Duff William Ayrshire Shepherd

M'Caw William Ayrshire Shepherd

Welch John Ayrshire Farm Labourer


The David G. Fleming arrived Lyttelton December 9 1863, 1467 tons, from London

Brown James Ayrshire Farm Laborer

Nelson William Ayrshire Carpenter wife and four children


The "Bombay" sailed 4 May, 1866 from London. Arrived Lyttelton 18 Aug. 1866.

Patrick John 24 M Slater Ayrshire


Arrived Lyttelton June 12, 1864 'Ivanhoe', ship, 1034 tons, Dunn, from London.

Gordan J. Ayrshire Farm Laborer wife and five children

Kennedy William 22 Ayrshire Bricklayer

Stewart J. Ayrshire Ploughman


The 'Huntress' to Lyttelton April 1863

Love John Ayrshire Ploughman and wife

Mays John Ayrshire Ploughman

Reid James Ayrshire Ploughman

Reid John Ayrshire Ploughman





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