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Reference Section

1837 Ayrshire

Description and Directory of Gentry and tradesmen for many towns in Ayrshire



Surnames and Clan associations.


Local Family History Societes



Mailing Lists

Various suitable Mailing Lists worth joining.



List of shipwrecks along the Clyde Coast and details of the incidents.



Details of the ship and its sinking in the Clyde of Ardrossan during WW 2


Online Gedcoms

Online sources for GEDCOM's or lineage linked databases



Use the online Encarta Tools to search for anything held in the encyclopaedia.



Parish maps for Ayrshire and Lanarkshire plus links to many on-line map sites.


Birth Marriages and Deaths Database

Large database of information sent to Ayrshire Rootsweb compiled by Joanne Cowden



Naming Patterns etc.



A list of occupations for the genealogist.



AltaVista Translation Service - translate any pages on this site.


Marriage in Scotland

How young were they ?


Poorhouses in Scotland

Ayr Cunningham Kyle Maybole

  After 1845, parishes in Scotland could choose to set up workhouses or, as happened in a large proportion of cases, just to give out-relief. The parishes or Combinations (Unions) of parishes that did operate workhouses more usually called poorhouses or poor's houses are listed at this website. Note that where a Combination includes parishes in more than one county, its placement is based on the location of the poorhouse.  


  British Phone Books 1880-1984



Other Bits and Bobs of interest to the Genealogist


Modern medicine is a high-tech, well-informed science today, yet even a severe outbreak of flu can be burdensome to a community. Imagine what it was like when an epidemic of any kind swept through a population, the doctors not understanding what caused it, no-one sure of any cure for it, and a high death rate which accompanied all these epidemics. What it was like, in Scotland.


  Emigrants from Ayrshire to New York


Emigrants from Ayrshire to New Zealand


Search the UK Electoral Roll


The Language of the Land of Burns


The Scottish Criminal Justice System


Search Main Genealogy Sites


Find out what day of the week you were born


Chapman 3-letter County Codes


How to Date Old Photographs


What is a Second Cousin ?


Translate Webpages into other Languages


Dates of Plagues and Epidemics


Ayrshire Births Marriages and Deaths Spreadsheet  Transcribed by Joanne Cowden.


Genuki Search - Search all their pages at once


The top ten genealogy sites


    Ancestry.com -- Discover Your Family!





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