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Caldwell Family

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Descendants of Thomas Caldwell Born about 1600


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Register of Sasines 1635-1660, Ayrshire  

Patricia Terpstra <aria409@msn.com>

CALDWELL, Margaret DUNLOP, spouse of William, of Annanhill. 30 June 1660. vol 9, Fol. 535

    also to above, 15 Feb 1659. vol 9, fol. 410. burgess of Irvine

CALDWELL, Robert, in Barcraigs, 1 Feb 1643. vol 7, fol 500

CALDWELL, Willliam in  Annanhill--several listed as below

                15 Apr 1635, vol 6, fol 346
                 24 July 1639, vol 7, fol. 245
                2 Dec 1648, vo 8, fol 196
                17 Apr 1650, vol 8, fol 302
                17 Dec 1651, vol 8, fol 362
                1 May 1655. vol 2, fol 138
                16 Jan 1657, vol 9, fol 167
                30 June 1660, vol 9, fol 535

CALDWELL, William, burgess of Irvine, 15 Feb 1659, vol 9, fol 410






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