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Camerons of Loudoun Parish, Ayrshire

Researched and contributed by John Cameron  JOHNC@afscmeillinois.org 


BAPTISMS Index (1675-1854) 


J1. John Cameron & ?

            John                 1675                            Loudounhill

            Jean                 1677                            Loudounhill 

J2. John Cameron & ?

            Janet                1675                            Moorhead

Margaret         1678                            Moorhead

Thomas            1687                            Muirhead 

J3. John Cameron & ?                           Loudounhill

            John                 1745

            Mary                1747

            William            1747                                       

& ? Findlay

Christian          1749                            Loudounhill

Helen               1752

            William            1754                            Postmaster      

            John                 1757

            Janet                1759

& Helen Findlay             Newmilns

            Margaret         1762

                        & Agnes Findlay               Newmilns

            Isobel               1765                 

J4. John Cameron & Margaret Morton            Newmilns

            John                 1775  

J5. John Cameron & Mary Brown                 Weaver

            Agnes               1797

            James               1799                                       

            Hugh B.         1801

            Thomas W.       1803

            Hugh B.         1805

            Margaret         1807                                       

            Mary                1811

            John                 1812

            Nicol                1813               

J6. John Cameron & Agnes Hamilton            Farmer/Loudounhill

            William            1805

            James               1806

            Helen               1808

            Janet                1811                                       

            John                 1813

            Agnes               1815

            Matthew         1817

            Margaret         1820

            Jean                 1823

            Andrew         1827  

? John Cameron & Ann Parker                   Servant

            Ann H.L.     1818 

W1. William Cameron & ?

            Marion             1702                            Loudounhill

William            1712                            Mains

            Janet                1715                            Stacks

            John                 1717                            Townend       

            William            1719                            Loudounhill

            Grissell            1722                            Loudounhill

            James               1725                            Newmilns  

W2. William Cameron & ?

            Helen               1748                            Portioner  

W3. William Cameron & Janet Paterson            Newmilns

            Grissall            1780                            Newmilns        

John                 1781                                       

            James               1785   

William            1785                                                                                                       

            Alexander       1787                                       

            Peter                1789                                       

            Matthew         1789

            Francis             1793

            Helen               1795                            Loudounhill

            Helen               1798

            Francis             1799

? William Cameron & Margaret Peterson            Loudounhill

            Janet                1803 

W4. William Cameron & Janet Young            Wright

            Agnes               1812

            Janet                1812

            William            1814

            Margaret         1816

            Margret           1817 

W5. William Cameron & Janet Ross                    Baker/Darvel

            Alexander       1840

            Mary                1842

            Jean R.             1844

            George             1847 

W6. William Cameron  & Christina Strang            Loudounhill     

            Isobel               1841

            John                 1843

            William            1847

            Agnes               1849

            Christina          1849

            James               1851

            Matthew         1854 

A1. Alexander Cameron & Mary Paterson            Baker

            William            1808

            James               1806

            Marion             1812

            Janet                1814 

P1. Peter Cameron & Margaret Paterson            Farmer/Dykehead

            William             1822

            George             1826

            John                 1828

            Margaret         1830

            Peter                1833 

Ja1. James Cameron & Margaret Inglis            Weaver

            Marjory          1817 

Jean Cameron & Robert Pollock

            Isobel               1826 

Camerons of Loudoun Parish, Ayrshire

MARRIAGES (1811-1854)


10-27-1821          Peter Cameron & Margaret Paterson


1-18-1823              Andrew Dunning & Janet Cameron


9-3-1825                  Robert Pollock & Jean Cameron (of Galston)


2-11-1826              James Pollock & Isobel Cameron (of Galston)


2-2-1828                  Alexander Smith & Agnes Cameron


5-6-1828            John Steele (of Galston) & Helen Cameron


8-8-1829                  John Young (of Galston) & Janet Cameron


1-1-1831                  John Scott & Margaret Cameron


6-1-1833                  Andrew McKay & Margaret Cameron


11-9-1833              James Paton & Agnes Cameron


5-24-1834              Andrew Craig & Mary Cameron


6-7-1834            James Cameron & Marion Borland (of Galston)


4-18-1835              James Mair & Jean Cameron


11-10-1838            John Campbell & Mary Cameron


1-19-1839            William Cameron & Janet Ross


11-30-1839          Nicol Cameron & Fanny Morton (of Galston)


8-7-1840                  William Cameron & Christina Strang (of E. Kilbride)


12-3-1842              Andrew Greenshield (of Galston) & Jean Cameron


4-24-1844       James Brown & Marion Cameron


10-13-1844            Hugh Gray & Sarah Cameron


1-3-1845                  John Borland (of Galston) & Janet Cameron


6-20-1846            James Boyd & Marion Cameron


Camerons of Loudoun Parish, Ayrshire

DEATHS (1811-1857)


10-6-1812            Janet Cameron, wife of William Gilchrist in Garlencraig (?)


5-21-1816              Marion Cameron, daughter of Alexander Cameron, baker, Darvel.


3-31-1817              Janet Cameron, daughter of Alexander Cameron, died of the chincough

(whooping cough).


5-26-1817              Margaret Cameron, daughter of William Cameron, wright, Newmilns,

Died of inflammation.


3-10-1823              Janet Cameron, wife of Gaven Boyd, weaver.


5-7-1823                  William Cameron of Loudounhill.


12-23-1823            Helen Grass (?), mother-in-law to John Cameron, farmer at Loudounhill.


12-17-1825            John Cameron, son of J-s Cameron, weaver, Greenside, Newmilns.


6-18-1828            Christian Cameron, widow of deceased Alexander Young, farmer in



1-29-1829              John Cameron, son of J-s Cameron, weaver in Newmilns, was drowned in the water of Irvine.


William Sommerval, son of Th. Sommerval, weaver in Newmilns was drowned in the water of Irvine when he went into the water attempting to save the above mentioned child John Cameron on the 22 day of December last.


12-1-1829              John Cameron, weaver in Darvel, formerly in Newmilns.


1-19-1830            James Cameron, son of James Cameron, weaver in Newmilns.


2-9-1832                  Andrew Cameron, son of John Cameron, Loudounhill would have died between 4-5 years aged, cholera.


6-22-1835              Still born child of James Cameron, weaver, Newmilns.


9-12-1835              An infant child of Jean Cameron in Newmilns (a child she had to James Mair, weaver, son of the late Hugh Mair, commonly called Cavelry in Newmilns).


10-9-1835              Jean Cameron, widow of the deceased Robert Pollock, weaver in Newmilns.


9-12-1836              John Cameron, son of John Cameron of Loudounhill, died there of typhus



10-9-1836              John Cameron of Loudounhill.  He was laid in his grave with his son John

above mentioned.


10-24-1837          Margaret Cameron, daughter of the above mentioned John Cameron of Loudounhill, died of typhus fever.


5-24-1838              Grissoll Cameron, wife of George Paterson of Priestland, wright.


3-5-1840                  John Cameron, son of John Cameron, weaver in Newmilns.


9-20-1842              (Agn)es Cameron, wife of Thomas Cameron, weaver in Bedlem, Greenholm.  She was interred in the northmost of James Cameronís lair on the west end of the lair.


5-10-1843              Janet Young, widow of the deceased William Cameron, wright in Newmilns and he went to Paisley and died there but his widow came out and resided at Toungue, parish of Loudoun and died there.  She is interred in the center grave in the lair belonging to Gaven Alston of Loudoun Hill at the east end of the church at the dyke.  This grave is full.


11-8-1844              Mrs. Mary Brown or Cameron, mother of James Cameron, weaver in



1-17-1845              Janet Cameron Gilchrist, daughter of Thomas Gilchrist, farmer in

(K)nevochlaw.  She died with a c*****.


2-26-1845       Helen Cameron or Steel, wife of John Steel in Camsaight (?) in Galston parish.  She is interned in the south most grave in Alex. Steelís lair.


3-26-1845              Marionn Brown or Cameron.  Daughter of Alex. Cameron, baker in Darvel and wife of James Brown, weaver in Darvel, natural son of James Brown that went from Darvel and now is living on the road to the inn.


11-12-1845          Robert Cameron, an infant son of Matthew Cameron, farmer in Changue.


6-19-1847              Alexander Cameron, old baker in Darvel is interned in ****most grave in John Cameron of Loudounhillís lair.


11-7-1847              Archibald Cameron, laborer residing in Lochgate.  He is interned in the same grave as Alex. Cameron, late baker in Darvel, in Cameron burial ground in Newmilns church yard.


6-30-1848              An infant child of Hugh Cameron, old soldier, a brother of James Cameron, Greenholm.


1-16-1849              Wm. Cameron, weaver and fiddler, residing in Bedlem, Greenholm.  He died with a bowel complaint in G******.


1-25-1849              William Cameron, baker in Darvel.  He died with cholera.


1-27-1849              Marion Cameron, daughter of William Cameron, baker.  No dependents.  In Darvel, died of cholera.


4-4-1849                  Hugh Smith, shoemaker.  Son of Agnes Cameron or Smith, in Newmilns and sister of James Cameron, weavers agent, Greenholm.


[There has been 202 funerals in Newmilns Church yard this year 1849 which is the most number that I had in my time as church officer which is 39 years -- Andrew McPherson]


7-2-1850                  Matthew Cameron, son of Matthew Cameron, farmer in Changue, Galston parish.  He died of measles.


4-21-1851              Janet Cameron, daughter of John Cameron, weaver in Newmilns.


5-5-1851                  Christina Cameron, daughter of William Cameron of Loudounhill.  She died with scarlet fever.  She was a twin daughter.


5-20-1851              Agnes Cameron, daughter of Wm. Cameron of Loudounhhill, the other twin daughter who died with scarlet fever.  Her twin was interned on the 5th May, current as mentioned above.


6-11-1851              An infant child of Hugh Cameron, weaver in Greenholm and old pensioner.  Brother of John Cameron in Greenholm.


2-19-1852              Andrew Cameron, son of James Cameron, farmer in Knowe, Galston parish.


12-6-1852              Margaret Cameron from Lochgate, daughter of the deceased William Cameron, once wright in Newmilns but went to Paisley and died there.  She was housekeeper to her uncle Francis Cameron, farmer in Lochgate.


7-22-1853              Matthew Cameron, Jr.(?), a young son of Matthew Cameron, farmer in Changue, Galston.


9-20-1853              Alexander Cameron, son of the late William Cameron, baker in Darvel.


2-20-1854              George Cameron, son of James Cameron, farmer in Knowe, parish of Galston.


4-22-1854              Thomas Boyd, stepson of Hugh Cameron, weaver and old pensioner, Newmilns, brother of James Cameron, weaver in Greenholm.  He died with a brain fever.


9-12-1854              Rich. Holingsworth, a brother-in-law of Hugh Cameron, agent, Greenholm.  He came on a visit to his friend and died of cholera in Newmilns.  He was interned in a M*****? In the same grave that James Morton in the prec****** interned in August 26.


9-15-1854              Hugh Cameron, old soldier, brother of James Cameron, agent in Greeholm.  He died with cholera.


9-16-1854              Mrs. Holingsworth, widow of the stranger that came on a visit.  He was brother-in-law of Hugh Cameron, old soldier in Newmilns.  She died with cholera.  Her husband was buried Sept. 12, above mentioned.


9-17-1854              Hugh Cameronís widow, died with cholera.


10-20-1854          Agnes Hamilton or Cameron, widow of the late John Cameron of Loudounhill.  She died in John Youngís mill in Allanton Mill.


2-28-1857              William Cameron, son of Matthew Cameron, farmer in Changue, Galston parish.






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