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Campbell Family

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CAMPBELL, of Cessnock & Treesbank may be found in the following references:-

Ayrshire Families, ii 223-9 [available from LDS]

Paterson's Ayr, ii 68-71 [available from LDS]

Burke's Landed Gentry caveat lector

The Genealogist, NS xxvi, 190-1

  "The Campbell's, since their arrival at the beginning of the fourteenth century, had embarked on an expansionist programe, which by 1564 saw them spread throughout the whole of Kyle.  Their introduction from the western highland's had come through the marriage of Sir Douglas CAMPBELL, a son of the family of Lochaw, to Sarah CRAUFORD, daughter and heiress of the last of the Craufords of Loudon. Inheritance included not only substantial barony on Loudon, but also the position of the hereditary Sheriff of Ayr, covering in it's authority, the whole of Kyle (with the exception of the burgh lands of Ayr).".....

Kyle, although relatively free of civil conflict, any disputes that did arise, frequently have connection with promotion of Campbell ambitions.. One of the many controversies they became involved in was the instigation of the murder of  KENNEDY, Earl of Cassillis in 1527 and a particularly outrageous crime earlier with the murder of the Laird of Corsintoun, within the
Church of Cumnock of which Patrick Dunbar of Corsincon (or Corsintoun) in 1512 was murdered while attending mass.  Andrew CAMPBELL was taken and hanged, while his kinsmen were put to the horn, outlawed.




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Subject:   Kilmarnock Campbells
Name:   Dave Campbell
Date Posted:   Jul 20, 03 - 4:04 AM
Email:   daxman51@hotmail.com
Message:   I have a James Campbell marrying Mary Jane Hyndman on May 1 ,1829--showing up on records in both Kilmarnock Ayr and Tolbooth Church EDINBURGH. They have sons David abt 1833 and James dob . July 12,1838 in Edinburgh. By 1843 they have all emigrated to Salem ,Nova Scotia , Canada.Can anyone help me tie in these Campbells to a branch of the ancient Campbell clan ?


Name:   Vicki Parker
Date Posted:   Jul 1, 03 - 6:57 PM
Email:   okybaby45@yahoo.com
Message:   I am looking for a J.W. Murdock who married a Katherine Campbell no birth dates or death dates-one child as follows:

John Murdock born 1783 married a Margaret Murdoch 1787 Their children are as follows: John 1813,William 1815,Margaret 1817,Katherine 1820 all were supposed to be born in Ochiltree, Ayrshire, Scotland. It's possible some were born in Nova Scotia, Canada- any help in this area will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!






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