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Descendants of Thomas Carey

Researched by Kate Vietez kate@netnitco.net


Generation No. 1


THOMAS CAREY He married JANET BONE December 16, 1786 in Ayr, Ayrshire.

Notes for THOMAS CAREY: Carry, Elizabeth daughter to Thomas Carry and Janet Bone, collier in Wallacetown, was born July 15th baptised 20th 1794 

More About THOMAS CAREY: Occupation: 1794, Collier at Wallacetown

Children of THOMAS CAREY and JANET BONE are:

i. ANN CARRY, b. November 04, 1787, St Quivox Scotland.

ii. THOMAS CARRY, b. November 08, 1789, Ayr, Ayrshire; d. March 29, 1855, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.

iii. JAMES CARRY, b. February 19, 1792.

iv. ELIZABETH CARRY, b. July 15, 1794, St Quivox Scotland. More About ELIZABETH CARRY: Christening: July 20, 1794, St. Quivox, Ayrshire


Generation No. 2

THOMAS CARRY  was born November 08, 1789 in Ayr, Ayrshire, and died March 29, 1855 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. He married (1) AGNES SMITH August 28, 1806 in Kilmarnock, Scotland. He married (2) MARGARET GRANT February 15, 1850 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. She was born 1810 in Kilmarnock. 

Notes for THOMAS CARRY: Source: FHL Number 1041386 Dates: 1780-1820 Note: FR 1494  address: Newton on Ayr (bef.Jun-1811-) Source: birth of Janet Carey 22-Jun-1811 Kilmarnock (bef.Oct-1817-) Source: birth of Robert Carey 21-Oct-1817 Soulis Street Kilmarnock (bef.1841-29-Mar-1855) Source: Census 1841 d.29-Mar-1855 in Soulis Street, Kilmarnock shoemaker, 65, born Ayr, Source: cert bur.in St Andrews Burying Ground, Kilmarnock certified by Thomas Hendry, Sexton Source: cert Death also reported in Kilmarnock Chronicle - "Thomas Carry shoemaker Soulis Street, Kilmarnock age 65, died 29 March 1855" certificate: Thomas Carey, shoemaker, 65 years, born Ayr, 45 years in Kilmarnock, father Thomas Carey, coal labourer, dead, mother Janet Carey maiden surname (ms) Bone, dead. 1st wife Agnes Smith 2nd wife Margaret Grant. Issue 1) Thomas 45 dead 2) James 42 living 3) Andrew 32 living 4) Janet 40 living 14 children died in infancy all by 1st wife died March 29 1855 at 9am in Soulis Street, Kilmarnock cause of death - consumption 5 months, illness certified by Dr Borland who saw deceased March 31st (scored out) 21st Buried St Andrews Burying Ground, certified by Thomas Hendry Sexton Informant Margaret Carey, his wife X mark, J Gregory witness Jno Gregory witness Registered Kilmarnock 29th March 1855 James Gregory, Registrar. Census 1841 ref:866 Kilmarnock, Soulis Street Thomas Carrie 50 shoemaker born county Agness Carrie 50 born do Robert Carrie 20 woollen H??oaver? born do Elizabeth Carrie 9 born do Census 1851 source:113 ref:113 Kilmarnock, Soulis Street Weir's Land 156 Thomas Carrey head married 62 shoemaker born Ayr Margaret Carrey wife 41 born Kilmarnock Alexander McCall nephew 14 mill boy born do James McCall nephew 10 scholar born do Andrew Wallace stepson 14 mill boy born Dundonald. 

More About THOMAS CARRY:Occupation: shoemaker

Children of THOMAS CARRY and AGNES SMITH are:

 i. THOMAS CARY, b. July 12, 1807, Kilmarnock Scotland.

 ii. JAMES KERRY, b. June 24, 1809, Kilmarnock Scotland; d. January 25, 1887, Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland.

iii. JANET CAREY, b. June 23, 1811, ST. Quivox, Ayrshire; d. June 12, 1862, Kilmaurs Ayrshire Scotland  

iv. MARGARET CAREY, b. July 28, 1813, Kilmarnock Scotland; m. JOHN MCCALL, December 31, 1834, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.

v. AGNES CAREY, b. September 11, 1815, Kilmarnock Scotland.

vi. ROBERT CAREY, b. October 21, 1817, Kilmarnock Scotland.

vii. ANDREW CARRY, b. April 29, 1820, Kilmarnock Scotland.

viii. JOHN CARRIE, b. August 09, 1822, Kilmarnock Scotland.

ix. LILLIAS CARRIE, b. August 09, 1822, Kilmarnock Scotland.

x. RICHARD CAREY, b. March 23, 1826, Kilmarnock Scotland.

xi. ALEXANDER LAMBIE KERRY, b. November 13, 1824, St Quivox.

xii. ELIZABETH CARRIE, b. 1832, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.


Generation No. 3


THOMAS CARY was born July 12, 1807 in Kilmarnock Scotland. He married MARY GORRY.

Notes for THOMAS CARY: address: Boyd Street Kilmarnock (bef.Jun-1841-bef.Mar-1851) Source: Census 1841 32 West Shaw Street Kilmarnock (bef.Mar-1851-) Source: Census 1851 bur.bef.1855 his father's death certificate says Thomas is dead Source: cert 2 Census 1841 source:564 ref:564 Kilmarnock, Boyd Street Thomas Carey 30 cotton hand loom weaver born county Mary Carey 30 born Ireland Thomas Carey 12 born county Agnes Carey 9 born do Mary Carey 4 born do Robert Carey 7 months born do Census 1851 source:144 ref:144 Kilmarnock, West Shaw Street 32 Thomas Carey 43 cotton weaver born Kilmarnock Mary Carey 40 pirn winder born do Thomas Carey 21 cotton weaver pauper born do Agnes Carey 19 cotton weaver born do Mary Carey 13 cotton weaver born do Robert Carey 10 cotton weaver born do James Carey 6 cotton weaver born do Janet Carey 22 daughter in law born do Margaret Carey 2 grand daughter born do

More About THOMAS CARY: Occupation: 1841, Cotton Hand Loom Weaver Kilmarnock

Children of THOMAS CARY and MARY GORRY are:

i. THOMAS CAREY, b. Abt. 1829; m. JANET HUNTER, November 04, 1847, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire/Kilmarnock, Scotland; b. Abt. 1830.

Notes for THOMAS CAREY: address: Boyd Street Kilmarnock (bef.Jun-1841-) Source: Census 1841 Robertson Place Kilmarnock (c.1847-bef.1851) Source: OPR 32 West Shaw Street Kilmarnock (bef.Mar-1851-) Source: Census 1851 In 1857 was an invalid, having had his leg cut off, see source 624, had received poor relief, but about to work as a weaver List of Paupers 18-Mar-1857 source: 624 ref:624 Kilmarnock Thomas Carey Boyd Street 27, 3/3d 39s rent got leg cut off but now about to work as a weaver, allowance will therefore be reduced, Margaret 9, Mary 6, Mary Ann 4 and a child one month old

ii. AGNES EWART CAREY, b. October 08, 1831, Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scotland/Kilmarnock, Scotland.

iii. MARY CAREY, b. Abt. 1837, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire/Kilmarnock, Scotland.

iv. ROBERT CAREY, b. 1840, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.

v. JAMES CAREY, b. Abt. 1845, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.


JAMES KERRY   was born June 24, 1809 in Kilmarnock Scotland, and died January 25, 1887 in Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland. He married (1) ELANOR KILLAHEN. She died Bef. 1851. He married (2) ELIZABETH KELLY April 18, 1851 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland

Notes for JAMES KERRY: son of Thomas CAREY & Agnes SMITH commercial traveller draper at Barony, Lanark (c.1881-) Source: Census Index 1881 b.c.1812 in Kilmarnock Source: Census Index 1881 address: 82 Bernard Street Barony Lanarkshire (c.1881-) Source: Census Index 1881 Census Index 1881 James Carey head commercial traveller draper wid 69 born Kilmarnock Andrew Carey son coal & fire wood merchant 29 unm born do John Carey son wood carver unm 20 born do William Carey son lithographer unm 17 born do Census 1841 ref:878 Kilmarnock, Robertson Place James Carrey/Currey 30 woollen hand loom weaver born county Ellen Carrey 30 not born county Ireland? Rebecca Carrey 3 born county John Carrey 1 born do Census 1851 ref:131 Kilmarnock, Robertson Place James Carry 36 weaver born Kilmarnock Rebecca Carry 12 born Kilmarnock Agnes Carry 9 scholar born do James Carry 5 born do

More About JAMES KERRY: Informant: 1887, John Carey-son


i. ANDREW CAREY, b. Abt. 1852.

ii. ELIZABETH CAREY, b. July 24, 1855.

iii. THOMAS CAREY, b. October 02, 1856.

iv. ELIZABETH CAREY, b. November 30, 1858.

v. JOHN CAREY, b. December 08, 1860.

vi. WILLIAM CAREY, b. March 20, 1863.

vii. JOSEPH CAREY, b. December 01, 1865.

viii. ARCHIBALD CAREY, b. December 05, 1867.

ix. AGNES CAREY, b. August 21, 1871.


JANET CAREY  was born June 23, 1811 in ST. Quivox, Ayrshire, and died June 12, 1862 in Kilmaurs Ayrshire Scotland Gatehead. She married ROBERT AITKEN July 16, 1835 in Kilmaurs, Scotland. He died Bet. 1848 - 1851 in Kilmaurs Ayrshire Scotland.

Notes for JANET CAREY: Lived at Low Glencairn Street in Kilmarnock when married. Kilmaurs proclamation, July 16,1835. Kilmarnock proclamation August 7, 1835 Name spelled Carey, Carry, and Currie. Listed as pauper in 1851 and 1861 census Son John listed as informant at her death. He left his mark, so must have not been able to write or read. Census 1841 ref:33 Kilmaurs, Gatehead Colliery Robert Aitken, 30, coal miner, born county Jessey Aitken, 28, born do Agnes Aitken, 5, born do Mary Ann Aitken, 3, born do John Aitken, 1 born do  

AITKEN FAMILY Census 1851 source:34 ref:34 Kilmaurs, Gatehead Janet Aitken, head, widow, 37, pauper, born Ayr Agnes Aitken, 14, born Kilmaurs Mary Ann Aitken, 12, born do John Aitken, 10, scholar, born do Thomas Aitken, 3, born do 

More About JANET CAREY: Census: Listed as head of household in both '51 and '61 census. listed as pauper Christening: June 23, 1811, Newton-On-Ayr

Notes for ROBERT AITKEN: Belonged to Gatehead Parish, Kilmaurs when married. Kilmaurs proclamation, July 16,1835. Kilmarnock proclamation August 7, 1835 Census 1841 ref:33 Kilmaurs, Gatehead Colliery Robert Aitken, 30, coal miner, born county Jessey Aitken, 28, born do Agnes Aitken, 5, born do Mary Ann Aitken, 3, born do John Aitken, 1 born do 

Children of JANET CAREY and ROBERT AITKEN are:

i. ROBERT AITKEN, b. July 16, 1835; m. AGNES LONGMUIR, January 25,1856, Kilmaurs, Scotland; b. November 02, 1834, Dundonald Ayrshire Scotland; d. Bef. 1881. More About AGNES LONGMUIR: Occupation: 1851, Muslin Sewer

ii. AGNES AITKEN, b. November 30, 1836, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire; d. January 25, 1872, Gatehead, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire; m. RONALD STEWART, November 23, 1868, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire; b. July 10, 1834, Dundonald,Ayrshire; d. September 11, 1882, Kilmaurs, Ayr Scotland. More About AGNES AITKEN: Cause of death (Facts Pg): 1872, Phthisis Pulmonisis Certified by: 1872, James Hawkin surgeon Informant: 1872, John Aitken brother Gatehead More About RONALD STEWART: Address (Facts Pg): 1881, Kiln Row Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

iii. MARY ANN AITKEN, b. April 29, 1838, Kilmaurs, Ayr Scotland; m. JAMES GEORGE, August 01, 1862, Kilmaurs, Scotland5; b. 1841, Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland. More About MARY ANN AITKEN: Address (Facts Pg): 1867, Gatehead, Kilmaurs Religion: 1867, Reformer, Presbyterian Church Source: 1838, C115984 More About JAMES GEORGE: Address (Facts Pg): 1862, Gatehead, Kilmaurs Occupation: 1862, Coalminer Religion: 1862, Reformer, Presbyterian Church Witness: 1862, Marriage Thomas Cuthbert Mary Armstrong

iv. JOHN AITKEN, b. July 26, 1841, Kilmaurs Ayrshire Scotland; d. May 12, 1887, Kilmaurs, Scotland6; m. JANE HILLHOUSE (JEAN), July 29, 1864, Kilmaurs, Scotland; b. March 05, 1845, Tarbolton, Ayrshire; d. March 11, 1891, Kilmaurs,Scotland. Notes for JOHN AITKEN: AITKEN / HILLHOUSE FAMILY Census 1871 source: 29 ref:29 Kilmaurs, Gatehead John Aitken, 28, coalminer, born Kilmaurs, house with 1 room Jane Aitken, 26, born Tarbolton Robert Aitken, 6, scholar, born Kilmaurs John Aitken, 3, born do Thomas Aitken, 1, born do More About JOHN AITKEN: Cause of death (Facts Pg): May 12, 1887, Consumption Census: 1881, Address..parkers land Kilmaurs Residence: May 12, 1887, Kelk Place Kilmaurs Witness: May 12, 1887, John Middleton (doctor) More About JANE HILLHOUSE (JEAN): Cause of death (Facts Pg): March 11, 1891, Granular degeneration of Kidneys Census: 1881, Had David and Mathew Guthrie (nephews) living with them Residence: March 11, 1891, 1 Kelk Place, Crosshouse Witness: March 11, 1891, John Hillhouse (brother) Crosshouse

v. THOMAS AITKEN, b. February 12, 1848, Gatehead Kilmaurs NB8; d. December 05, 1928, Titchfield Street Galston, Scotland; m. (1) JANET RICHMOND, July 26, 1867, 8 Robinson Place Kilmarnock St. Andrew Parrish, Scotland9; b. March 13, 1847, Kilmarnock Ayrshire Scotland/Kilmarnock, Scotland; d. March 13, 1884, Galston,Scotland10; m. (2) HELEN HAMILTON, November 28, 1884, Galston, Loudon Rows, Scotland; b. February 09, 1856, Loudoun (Newmilns), Ayrshire; d. 1925, Galston Ayr Scotland/Galston, Scotland. Notes for THOMAS AITKEN: worked as undermanager in Grougan pit #4 on September 16, 1887 Kilmarnock Directory 1904-06, 1907-09, 1910-12, 1913-15, 1923-25, 1928-29 - "Thomas Aitken, draper, Titchfield Street, Galston". He was baillie of Galston at some time. The Evangelistic Hall Centenary book chapter 8 mentions Thomas Aitken being one of the hall's first trustees.Chapter 9 mentions him as being one of the older brethren in fellowship in the Meeting when John S Borland, born 1898, was a youth. When he married in 1867 one witness was Robert Hillhouse, who was probably a brother in law of his brother, John, married to Jane Hillhouse, the other witness Agnes Young is unknown. Informant of the birth of his son, Adam Wilson in 1879. More About THOMAS AITKEN: Address (Facts Pg): 1891, 22 Duke St. Galston, Ayrshire

ANDREW CARRY  was born April 29, 1820 in Kilmarnock Scotland. He married (1) ELIZABETH DICKSON January 03, 1840 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire/Kilmarnock, Scotland. He married (2) ANN HAMILTON March 28, 1845 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. Notes for ANDREW CARRY: ANDREW CAREY SON OF THOMAS CAREY & AGNES SMITH Andrew CAREY-1528 (2 partners) son of Thomas CAREY-809 & Agnes SMITH cotton weaver at Kilmarnock (bef.Mar-1851-) Source: Census 1851 carriage fitter at Kilmarnock (c.1881-) Source: Census Index 1881 b.24-Apr-1820 in Kilmarnock Source: IGI 3 m.03-Jan-1840 in Kilmarnock to Elizabeth DICKSON no children found address: 55 Robertson Place Kilmarnock (bef.Mar-1851-aft.Apr-1881) Source: Census 1851 Census 1851 source:135 ref:135 Kilmarnock, Robertson Place Andrew Carry 30 cotton weaver born Kilmarnock Mary Carry 30 born do Mary Carry 6 scholar born do Andrew Carry 2 born do Census Index 1881 source:1777 ref:1777 Kilmarnock, Robertson Place 55, ED14 P18 Andrew Carey head carriage fitter wid 58 born Kilmarnock Janet Carey dau cotton weaver unm 21 born do

Children of ANDREW CARRY and ANN HAMILTON are:

i. MARY CAREY, b. Abt. 1845, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.

ii. ANDREW CAREY, b. Abt. 1849, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.

iii. ANDREW CAREY, b. September 22, 1856, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.

iv. AGNES CAREY, b. December 10, 1863, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.

v. JANET CAREY, b. May 31, 1859, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.






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