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New Views of Ayr

Ayr Views By Kenny Monaghan 

alloway auld kirk 1.jpg (107587 bytes) ayr auld kirk 1.jpg (246646 bytes) ayr auld kirk 3.jpg (244407 bytes) burns' cottage.jpg (91313 bytes) burns' monument.jpg (177971 bytes)
Alloway Auld Kirk Ayr Auld Kirk Ayr Auld Kirk Burns Cottage Burns Monument
brig 0'doon.jpg (201744 bytes) burns' monument 3.jpg (85573 bytes) newton tolbooth.jpg (161133 bytes) sandgate  town hall.jpg (156886 bytes) st. johns tower.jpg (156400 bytes)
Brig O'Doon Burns Monument Newton Tolbooth Sandgate Town Hall St John's Tower
pavillion building.jpg (148644 bytes) st margarets 1.jpg (142297 bytes) wellington square.jpg (214439 bytes) loudoun hall 1.jpg (154779 bytes) burns stat sq.jpg (120877 bytes)
Pavilion Building St Margaret's Church Wellington Square Loudoun Hall Burns Statue Square







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