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New Views of Ballantrae

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Foreshore - cottages early 19th cent. Ardstinchar Castle Main Street Kennedy Mosoleum W.M. & Ardstinchar Castle
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Church built 1819 Kennedy Monument       c. 1601 Harbour built 1847 War Memorial Ardstinchar Castle

 Ardstinchar Castle

Situated high on a rocky bluff overlooking the mouth of the River Stinchar. A castle of the Kennedy's of Bargany and seems to have been built around 1450 for a Hugh Kennedy. Little survives of his tower, but it was clearly the major element in a much larger walled complex, a few fragments of which survive, including what appears to have been a gateway with what may have been bar holes.


A huge high Victorian Scottish Baronial mansion. Built in 1870 by David Bryce and increased in size 1922-4 for Lord Inchcape.

Glenapp church (Butter's Chapel) built 1850 tucked into the Glenapp Forrest near Loch Ryan. Restoration in 1910 by MacGregor Chalmers. In the churchyard stands the monument to Lord Inchcape.







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