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Sorn Castle is half-a-mile north-west of the village, and stands on a cliff overhanging the north edge of Ayr River; is a modernized edifice of unknown antiquity, set in the richest of garden, wood, and river scenery. It was visited by James V., as also the renowned Dr. Johnson. The Cleuch Burn, which here gurgles into the river from the distant Blaoksidend Hill, 1342 feet high, is adorned with bright cascades and rugged sylvan cliffs.

THE TOWN OF CATRINE stands one mile and a-half farther down this beautiful river, on its right bank; two and a-half miles east-south-east,, by several winding roads, from Mauchline, its nearest railway station. It is compactly built on a modern plan, with a centre square and rectangular streets of two-story houses, giving it the air of a larger town; has Established, Free, United Presbyterian, and Evangelical Union Churches; a public school, with about 320 scholars; a Royal Bank; a post office, with money order and savings bank departments; a hotel, and a handsome display of shops. Population in 1871, 2584; in 1881, 2638. It was founded (together with extensive cotton mills) in 1785, by the celebrated philanthropist, David Dale, in company with the first Claud Alexander of Ballochmyle, whose sister Wilhelmina was immortalized by Burns as "The Bonnie Lass o’ Ballochmyle." Prior to that date the site of Catrine was occupied by a solitary house and smithy, belonging to one Thomas Henry, whose forefathers had lived at the same place from time immemorial. There is a disposition to call it the birthplace of Henry the Minstrel, but we have been unable to discover any definite oral tradition in support of it. Smith of Deanston, inventor of tile drains in agriculture, was employed in some capacity at Catrine mills before going to

Catrine House, west of the town, stands on the south bank of the Ayr, where " The Dugald Stewart, one of the early friends of Burns. It was on the occasion of the young Poet’s introduction to the society of the professor at Catrine House that he first got so far up in the world as to dine with a lord (Basil, Lord Daer) who chanced to be here as a visitor. " This wot ye all whom it concerns, I, Rhymer Robin, alias Bunls, October twenty-third, A ne’er-to-be-forgotten day, Sae far I sprachled up the brae, I dinner’d wi’ a lord." This was in 1789, the year before the building of Catrine town and mills was commenced. With the woods of Catrine Bank on the east, Ballochmyle on the north, and plantation belts on the south, Catrine enjoys exceedingly fine sheltering environs.


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Catrine's Web Sites

Catrine & Sorn District Local History Group

The Catrine & Sorn District Local History Group. Based in the A.M. Brown Institute, Catrine.

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Catrine House

Catrine and district local history plus poetry, gardening, good food, tips on web designing, stopping smoking

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Catrine Books and Maps

Catrine Street Map

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Old Catrine and Sorn
Rhona Wilson

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Census Statistics for Catrine

1851 Catrine Village Males 1075 Females 1498 Total 2573 - Other parts of the Parish Males 819 Females 782 Total 1601 - Grand Total Males 1894 Females 2280 Total 4174

1861 Catrine Village Males 1060 Females 1424 Total 2484 - Other parts of Parish Males 782 Females 786 Total 1558 - Grand Total Males 1842 Females 2200 Total 4042

1871 Catrine Village Males 1069 Females 1515 Total 2584 - Other parts of Parish Males 710 Females 738 Total 1448 - Grand Total Males 1779 Females 2253 Total 4032

1881 Catrine Village Males 1151 Females 1487 Total 2638 - Other parts of Parish Males 814 Females 803 Total 1617 - Grand Total Males 1965 Females 2290 Total 4255

1891 Catrine Village Males 1088 Females 1370 Total 2458 - Other parts of Parish Males 718 Females 743 Total 1461 - Grand Total Males 1806 Females 2113 Total 3919

The population of Catrine was at its highest 31 Dec 1846, at which period the Glasgow and South-Western Railway was in course of construction.

 The foundation stone of the Ballochmyle Bridge was laid 5 Sep 1846. The population of Catrine 31 Dec 1846, was Males 1379 Females 1610 Total 2989 Number of families - 586 Proportion to each family - 5.1

Census enumerators for Catrine District in 1891

Messrs. James Struthers, Robert B. Conner, Hugh Gemmell, and Thomas Aitken

This and the following Compiled by Judy Caldow Ollikkala  71431.2534@compuserve.com

CATRINE CURLING CLUB--  Instituted 1867.  Present office-bearers  (1892)

Lieut.Colonel HUGH EWING, preses; Mr. JOHN W. PATERSON, vice-president; Mr. ROBERT MEIKLE, secretary and treasurer; Pond Committee--   Messrs ALEXANDER GILLIES, JAMES JOHNSTON and ROBERT SHARP. Auditors--  Messrs DAVID GRAHAM, and ROBERT B. CONNOR.  Silver medal presented by the late Mrs. ROBERT FLEMING, won by Mr. GEORGE REID's rink, 13 Dec 1892.  Silver cup presented by CHARLES HOWATSON Esq. , won by Mr. JAMES BROWN's rink, 16 Jan 1892. 

    CATRINE PENNY SAVINGS BANK--  Instituted 2 Feb 1872.  (1892)

Open every Friday evening from half-past 6  to half past 7 o'clock in the Counting-Room of Catrine Works, Mill Square.  Trustees--  Rev. JAMES M. COPLAND, Messrs HUGH EWING, HUGH MORTON, WILLIAM GILMOUR, JOHN BEVERIDGE, DAVID GRAHAM, ANDREW GOLDIE, and ANDREW COWAN.  Office-bearers--  Mr. HUGH GEMMELL, cashier, Mr. JAMES STRUTHERS, accountant.

Business done during the year totals - £645-19/5  - Number of transactions during the year - 3,998  - Number of open accounts - 427  - Any sum received at the bank, from a penny upward.

Catrine Co-op Society 

Ayrshire Cooperative Society Limited, established 23rd March 1866. Board of Management   1892

President - Mr. Andrew Cowan, Ballochmyle St. Treasurer - Mr. Hugh Gemmel, Chapel St. Secretary - Mr. William Murray, Wood St. Directors Mr. Alexander Hannah, Mill Square Mr. James Ramage, Mill Square Mr. John Caldow, Jun., Bridge Lane Mr. John Begg, Bridge St. Mr. James Forrest, St. Cuthbert St. Mr. James Blane, St. Germaine St. Mr. John Templeton, Cowan Place Mr. David Manson, Mill St. Mr. Andrew M. McCarlie, Viewforth Cottage Mr. John McCall, St. Germaine St. Mr. Alexander Brown, Mill St. Auditors Mr. John McKay, St. Germaine St. Mr. Andrew Goldie, Cowan Place  Bankers - The Royal Bank of Scotland

The RAMAGE and CALDOW are my direct ancestors, brothers of my grandparents. I hope this will help establish dates and locations for those interested in Catrine history. Judy Caldow Ollikkala

Change of Office-Bearers  President - Mr. James Ramage elected 23 Mar 1866, retired 18 Jun 1869         Mr. Alexander Hannah 1869, retired 24 Jun 1873  Mr. John Hood 1873, retired 17 Jun 1881   Mr. Andrew Cowan 1881 to present (1892)  Treasurer - Mr. Andrew Cowan elected 23 Mar 1866, resigned 1 Apr 1880  Mr. Alexander Goldie 1880, resigned 12 Jan 1883 Mr. James B. B. Morton 1883, resigned 4 Oct 1889  Mr. Hugh Gemmell, 1889 to present (1892)  Salesmen - Grocery Dept. Mr. William Bryan, 11 Jul 1866 Mr. Ephraim McQueen, 5 Feb 1868 Mr. Hugh Ross, 26 Apr 1875 Miss Alice Martin, 20 Aug 1877 Mr. Hugh Motion, 4 Jan 1880 Mr. Alexander Reekie, 26 Jun 1882 Mr. David Caldwell, 31 Jul 1883 Mr. John McClymont, 15 Feb 1888 Drapery Dept. Miss Jeanie Begg, 13 May 1873 Miss Maggie H. Cowan, 13 Jun 1885 Miss Eliza C. Goldie, 2 Nov 1885 Miss Maggie Jane Hannah, 10 Nov 1890 Furnishing Branch Mr. Adam W. W. Mackie, 13 Jul 1891


A list of members of Catrine Operative Annual Friendly Society, instituted 1st July 1861.


JUSTICES OF THE PEACE --  Major-General SIR CLAUDE ALEXANDER of Ballochmyle, Bart;  Lieut.-Colonel HUGH EWING; JAMES SOMERVELL, Esq. of Sorn Castle; HENRY FARQUHAR, Esq. of Gilmilnscroft. SEARGENT OF POLICE--  ALEXANDER FINDLAY, Bridge Lane.



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