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South-west of Barr. The village of Colmonell sits on the right bank of the Stinchar, crossed here by a bridge, three miles south-east of the sea shore, and nine or ten miles by road south of Girvan. It has Established, Free, and United Original Secession Churches, a public school, a telegraph and post office, a shop or two, and an inn. Population in 1871, 306. 

In the Churchyard is the Covenanter’s grave of Matthew Micklewraith, who was executed by the soldiers under command of Claverhouse, 1685. Craigneil Castle ruin is across the river.

The village of BARRHILL stands on Dusk Water, a large tributary of the Stinchar, six or seven miles east of Colmonell. It has a railway station, a Free Church, a  public school, a Union Bank, a post office (with money order and savings bank departments), several shops, and two hotels. Population, 326. Near to it is the martyrs’ monument of John Murchie and Daniel M’Ilwraith, two young men who were shot here in 1685. John Burt, poet and divine, was born at Knockmalloch, 1789. He was learning the trade of a handloom weaver when, at the age of 18, he was pressed into the navy, and served on board the Magnificent till 1812. In 1816 he had so far advanced his education as to be able to teach a school at Kilmarnock. To escape prosecution for having

The hamlet of PINWHERRY, to the west of Barrhill, has a public school, a railway station, and the ruins of an old castle. 

At ARNSHEEN is an Established Church, forming a puoad Sacrn parish. 

The hamlet of LENDALFOOT, with public school, is on the shore. About two miles from Lendalfoot is the great sea-cliff precipice, the scene of the ballad " May Culzean." May Culzean’s newly-wedded husband led her as on a pleasure excursion to enjoy the view from the top of this precipice. When standing on the brink, he commanded her to strip off her costly silk gown and jewels, and submit to the fate of six former wives, whom he had married for their property, and thrown over the cliff. As the poor young lady was proceeding, in obedience to her husband’s command, she begged him not to look at her, as she did not like to be seen naked; and when he turned his frightful gaze she gained courage, seized hold of him, and dashed him over the precipice in a moment, mounted her horse and galloped off to her father’s home. 

Chief seats are Ballochmorie, Dalgerroch, Drumlamford, Knockdolian, and Pinmore.

The surface of the parish abounds in moorish hills and glens, but is delightfully wooded and cultivated on the banks of the Stinchar and the Duisk. From the sea, at the foot of Knockdolian Hill, east-south-east to a little beyond Drumlamford House, the length of the parish is 15 miles; and its greatest width is about seven miles-comprising 47,490 acres. Population in 1871, 2293; in 1881, 2191.


1791-99 and 1845 Statistical Accounts


1851 Census for Colmonell (2% of Total Census only)

The 2 per cent extract of the 1851 census was done by taking every 50th enumeration book, and transcribing that entire book; NOT every 50th page. As a result, you get full data for all those persons in those books which were taken (Not randomly selected - just every 50th book in the sequence throughout the UK was transcribed). The result is that you might find all the household of interest to you, but the odds are 50 to 1 against!


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The main burial ground surrounds the parish church built in 1772 on the site of earlier churches. There is also a 20th century Colmonell Cemetery.....>



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