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Note there are a couple of places with the name Craigie in Ayrshire


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WEST of the north end of Mauchline, and north of Tarbolton. The village of Craigie lies about three miles south of Kilmarnock. There is an Established Church, a public school, and a post office. Cairnhill House is pleasantly situated among woods on Cessnock banks, at the east end of the parish, and Underwood House is at the west end. 

The ruins of Craigie Castle, once a home of the Wallaces, are in the west, one mile north of Barnweil House. The name of Barnweil, tradition says, had its origin in the burning of the Barns of Ayr. When the patriot Wallace, after setting fire to the Barns, was on the way to his uncle at Riccarton, he met with some friends at the place now called Barnweil, whom he saluted from a distance with the words, "The Barns burn weil ; " the reiterated response being, "They do burn weil ! they burn weil ! yes, they burn weil ! they burn weil ! " The spot was remembered, and ever after called Burnweil, or Barnweil, which curiously conveys the double meaning of burn and barn. 

The parish is mostly arable, and bare of timber; is seven miles in length, east and west, and about one mile and a-half in breadth. Area, 6576 acres. Population, 570, being the least of any parish in the county.


1791-99 and 1845 Statistical Accounts


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The church of Craigie is a small building of unpretentious appearance, standing in the centre of the churchyard. It was built in the year 1776, and has sittings for about 600. It belonged in ancient times to the monks of Paisley, and the cure was served by a vicar pensioner who had an established income, which was settled by Walter, the bishop of Glasgow, in 1227. Before it came into possession of the monks of Paisley, the patronage of the church belonged to Walter Hose, the Lord of the Manor, a brother of whom was some-time parson of the church.....>




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