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Dalrymple derives its name, in the Celtic language signifying "the dale of the crooked water,"


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SOUTH-WEST of Coylton. The village of Dalrymple stands in a beautiful place on the north side of Doon River, where it is crossed by a bridge, five miles south-by-east of Ayr. It has a railway station about a mile aside, Established and Free Churches, a public school, a post office, and grocer’s, shoemaker’s, joiner’s, and blacksmith’s shops. Population in 1871, 309; in 1881, 305. It and its neighbourhood are an interesting study as the scene of Burns’ school days, in the intervals of farm labour, from his seventh to his thirteenth year, and as the home of the theme of his first poetic effusion, Kelly Kilpatrick, the blacksmith’s daughter. " Handsome Nell," a ‘I bonnie, sweet, sonsie lass," in her fourteenth year, was his partner on the harvest rig. The tones of her voice made his "heart-strings thrill like an eolian harp," an" he there and then, at the age of fifteen, hurst into song in her praise, and was a great poet :-" She dresses aye sac clean and neat, Both dwent and gentel : And then there’s something in her gait Gars any dress look Weel. "A gwdy dress and gentle air may slightly touch the heart, But it’s innocence and modesty That polishes the dart.

" ‘Tis this in Nellp pleases me, ‘Tis this enchants my soul ; For absolutely in my breast She reigns without control."

Well done, Nelly! you doubtless were as good stuff as you were handsome and sweet voiced, and did not fail to shear your part of the rig. A walk around with Nelly in ones eye discloses that another such "bonnie, sweet, sonsie lass" may still be seen here, and only wants another such poet to make her "innocence and modesty" a heart-felt example to the fair world forever. The same Nelly and Bob appear as characters in the poem of Hallowe’en. 

About half-a-mile up the river from the village is Barbieston House, a mile farther is Skeldon house, and fully half-a-mile above that is the manufactory of Skeldon Mills.

 "Skeldon Haughs" is the title of a tale in Scotch verse by Sir Alexander Boswell. Less than half-a-mile ’ above the mills is Hollybush House, near to which is a railway station, and one mile and a half north of which is Martnaham Loch, with half of its long length in the parish, and containing a small island in the middle, with the ruins of an ancient castle on it, and some woods about it. Other lochs are glancing not far off. Ancient camps are at Lindston and Woodlands.

The surface of the parish is mostly arable, except in the south-east,, and is very beautiful, with numerous hillocks, haughs, and clumps of plantation. The coal measures underlie the rising ground in the south-east.  


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Dalrymple is the original home of the historic Scottish family which derived its name from these meadows. From that family the Earls of Stair descended. The barony of Dalrymple was created in the 13th century. In the following century - about 1371 - 1377....>



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