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Dunure Castle

Dramatically ruined and seeming to grow from the rock itself and equally as rugged, Dunure castle consists of a fragment of an early tower house on a tall rock outcrop, rearing above the shore. This tower house was added to, probably in the 15th century and again further to the landward side, in the 16th century. The tower house is notable for its irregular plan, designed to fit the rock on which it sits.

Dunure was a castle of the Kennedy's of Cassillis, and it was here in the 1550's, Gilbert Kennedy, Earl of Cassillis, tortured Alan Stewart, the lay Abbot of Crossraquel, in a notorious attempt to acquire the land of Cossraquel. The unfortunate Stewart was scured on a spit and roasted over a fire until he agreed to sign his rights away. Only the armed intervention of the Kennedy's Laird of Bargony secured Stewarts release.


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