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Kilwinning Poor Relief

Some extracts from the book transcribed by Mairi Frew  Mairifrew@aol.com and Margaret Wales.


Margaret age 53 wife of Alex Dunlop 5 children all adult s Janet 52 wife of George Dunn engine keeper 6 children Robert 45 collier widower 4 children Jane wife of James Dixon [see no 100Catherine 39 single has 3 illegitimate children.

There was also an Alex Love age 10 an orphan, parents Alex Love and Cath. McLeod . He was in 1871 sent to be a servant to Mr Howie, Towerlands, Kilwinning and in 1878 he gets his fathers watch back from the committee. The dates are a bit difficult to understand there is a date 20//7/1874 but I think this is when a committee decision was taken. 

1/2/1867 Peter Frew, collier age 40 at 24 Bensley Square unfit to work with diseased throat Depend. Agnes Johnstone wife age 34 b. Irvine, Joseph 15 miner severly injured, John 12 ,10/12month, Mgt 10, Janet 8, James 5, Peter 3 and 1/2, Sarah 1 all born Kilw. - awarded 6/- per week April 1867 recovered - returned to work. His parents not given but I think must be son of Joseph Frew and Mgt. Love.

Margaret Frew b. 1803 to David Frew and Jean Reid she was unmarried age 61 she got 1/- per week and finished up in Poor house where she died 2/1/1879, but this was the first of John Frew b. 1786 brothers or sisters that I have definitely found.


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No. 1 Agnes Barr living in Dalry, parents: Andrew Barr and Agnes Crawford. (1852) She was 64 single and had no occupation. She received 2/3 per week. She died 12 May 1865

No. 6.  Janet Jeffrey widow of Robert Frew, from Bridgend, Kilwinning age 83 other details submitted: family - Mgt 55, wife of Alex Dunlop miner with 5 children all adults, Janet 52 wife of George Dunn engine keeper, 1 child grown up, Robert 45 collier widow with 4 children, Jane wife of James Dixon (see no. 100) Catherine 39 single has 2 illegitamate children. She was the daughter of Joseph Jeffrey and Janet Neil, she lives with daughter Jane Frew Dixon. She died 22/8/1871 at Elderslie, Abbey.

No.10 Jean Howie, parents James Howie (surgeon) and Margaret McVitae, (1852) age 43, single she was lame and died 17/3/1882.

No.11 Agnes LITTLEJOHN or Widow LINDSAY Halfway Irvine age 82 Settlement residence 5th Sept 1848 3/3 per week as per minute of 10th Oct 1864 widow protestant established church born Newton Ayr sewer wholly paralysed living with daughter Christina age 60 widow of Robert Wilson and she has one illegitimate child [see no 106 ] Parents were William Littlejohn and Grace Maxwell both dead Sept 3 1867 rai sed April 27th 1871 died Son Stephen Barr 42 collier married 10 children Margaret 58 widow of Edward Shirkey 10 children Marion 44 married to Robert Vallance collier 4 children George 39 married 10 children

No. 13 Margaret Muir parents Robert Muir and Jean Jack. (1852) age 82, single she was a servant and res. In Wee Close, Kilwinning. D. 27/11/1871.

No. 28 Janet Shedden, res. Friars Croft, Irvine (1852) age 68 b. Kilwinning, single, Pinn Winder. Parents Charles Shedden and Ann Howie. She is living with sister widow of George Mitchell and she d.24/2/1866

No. 32 Isabella Smith widow of John Muir (1852) age 64 earns 6d. per week. Born Irvine lives at Bridgend Lane, Kilwinning, a muslin sewer. Parents Hugh Smith, Janet McBride. Child: Mary 22 single muslin sewer earns 2/6 per week, Agnes 34 wife of Alex McDougall in Australia with 4 children, Margaret 30 wife of Alex Ferguson, weaver in Paisley with 5 children.

No. 37 Agnes ALLERDICE b Barony single Maintenance in Poorhouse as per minutes of 1st Sept 1862 Son born Kilwinning now 6 ¾ Partially lame Parents Agnes Baird, Alexander Allerdice 11th Feb 1889 son now married 1901 died Oct 24th

No. 46 Hugh Bruce age 42 at 30 Tylefield Street, Glasgow born Ireland a collier suffering with asthma. Wife Agnes Blair 34 b. Paisley, Christina 14,b.Glasgow, Mathew 9 b. Kilwinning, William 6 b. Kil. John 3 b. Kirkintilloch. Parents Alex Bruce and Catherine Pollock. Child John died 27/2/1865. He died 12/11/1868.

No. 47 7th Jan 1850 Mary Wales or TULLOCH B Kilwinning married but deserted age 26 sewer able bodied Annie Wales 2 ¾ Andrew 1 ¾ Husband having been in the spree enlisted in the 72 regiment of Foot soldiers on Saturday evening Referred to meeting grant 1/6 a week.

No. 63 Marion WHITE widow of Peter McCARTNIE Green Kilwinning 1st Feb 1858 Pin winder Wholly disabled frailty assisted by friends 1st Feb 1862 5/- as per minutes of 1st Feb 1862 son John 34 separated from wife , weaver one child Peter 48 weaver married 3 children Andrew 44 weaver single Catherine [see no 161] Margaret wife of James Stewart miner 2 children James 30 weaver married 3 children Marion wife of James Anderson one child Parents were Andrew White , Marion Cunningham .

No. 76 Robert JEFFREY Tanyard Kilwinning 24th Feb 1869 b Stevenston wholly disabled asthma assisted by gr son Joseph J Jeffrey who stays with him wife Mary Muir 64 Irvine daughter Janet 37 married to John Jeffrey collier 2 children Jane 28 married to Robert Ramsay collier 2 children Eliz Logan (wife’s dau )40 wife of James Blair both childless Parents Joseph Jeffrey, Janet Muir both dead.

No. 78 Peter Stewart age 31 b England Has been lying 6 weeks and 8 weeks off work Rheumatism wholly 28 Feb 1856 4.45pm Bridgend 12noon on 29th Feb visited relieved 4/- per week Catherine McCartney 30 William 7 Peter 4 Marion 2 ½ Martha 11mths

No. 81 Agnes BARR widow of Samuel GILLONE 4TH June 1860 age 24 Burdened with children 2/- per week Son John 7 ½ ,Isabella 5 ¾ Mary Barr illegitimate 2 yrs Servant but at present assisting at father’s Parents Stephen Barr , Isabella McWilliams.

No. 83 Cunningham White, parents James White and Elizabeth Dyett, living in Dalry. (1860) Age 44, wife Mary Cunningham 52 b. Stevenston, Christina 16 Mill worker, Ann 14 mill worker, Mathew 7, all born Kilwinning. Also Mary 18 single at service. Wife sells small articles earning 1/- per week. Girls earn 7/6 between them. He is a coal miner suffering from asthma. Receives 1/6 per week.

No. 87  William McCRAE Cunningham Poor House age 52 yrs Spinal Disease wholly disabled died 16July 1867 wife Janet FREW 49 b Stevenston Mary 29 married to Edward Shearer William 25 married one child Thomas single miner.

No. 88  Peter Stewart 27th mar 1856 April 3rd allowed 4/- per week approved.

No. 92 Euph. Robertson widow of William Frew at Warwickhill Road, Dreghorn age 43 (1861) parents Thomas Robertson moulder in Glasgow and Eliz Jamieson. Husband born Kilwinning. Children Robert 22 single collier, William 13, Annie 10, Euph.8 and James 5. Also Mary 20 wife of Samuel Inglis collier with 1 child.

No. 100 Jane Frew wife of James Dixon, Tanyard, Bridgened Kil. age 42 muslin sewer. other details Robert 13 and 3/4 born Cambusnethan is app shoemaker, Janet 12 and 1/2 born Cambus. Joseph 10 and 1/2, born Kilw. John 7, and Jane 4 b Kilw. Eliz 17 is wife of John Penman collier no children. Parents Robert Frew and Janet Jeffrey (pauper) husband an Englishman and by trade shoemaker has deserted her.

No. 106 William Smith  Lamont’s Row Kilwinning age39  6th Jan 1862 Relief 4/- per week including rent Religion Latter Day Saint Married collier Wholly disabled  asthma partially destitute Son Robert earns 7/- - 8/- a week William has ¾  min work Wife Ann McKechan 40  Robert 20 single collier has runnings in arm and side William 15 collier. Christina 9yrs John 7yrs Peter 5 May 3 Joseph 1 ½ all b Kilwinning John alone at school Pauper has horse and cart but no profit thereof Illegitimate son of William Smith, Christina Barr now widow of Robert Wilson (ON 1841 census with mother and gran  Agnes Littlejohn Barr ) 1866 feb 13th relieved 6d&rent  2nd feb infant David died 1867 Sept 3 raised to 1/- &rent Dec 9th   raised to 1/- &rent May 1st child Janet born 11 feb 1868 raised to /- 7rent 21 Feb 1868 died

No. 120 Elizabeth King (probably the one that married John Jeffrey) Main St Kilwinning age 34 b Gorbals protestant 10th dec 1862 relief 1/6 per week single muslin sewer partially disabled burdened with children Pauper is daughter of John King dec / Catherine Haddo  see no 59 Andrew McCartnie weaver alleged father of both children but does nothing for them (grandson of  Andrew WHITE / Marion Cunningham ) She earns 2/- per week  Jane 9  8/12 Andrew 4 12 Feb 1867 1868 struck off rolls has house to Whitsunday June 8th having borne a female illegitimate child  re admitted July 6  2/6 per week FEB 9TH 1869 reduced 2/- 1871 SEPT 5TH reduced 1/6 16th May 1872 boy working now she is struck off

No. 128 Catherine Muir widow of William Littlejohn Tanyard Bridgend Kilwinning age 37  6th Apr 1863.  Two shillings and sixpence per week and house rent as per minutes B Kilwinning protestant free church Washerwoman partially disabled,burdened with children and predisposed to insanity Partially destitute earns a little 4/6-5/- per week settlement husbands residence William 13 James 10 at school, Mary 8 George 3 all born Kilwinning Jane at service age 14 ¾ (1869) married to John Hannah ploughman  Riccarton one child Daughter of Hugh Muir , Jean Haddo both dead 5 sept reduce to 2/- per week and rent reduced steadily over next few years 17 March 1868 placed in District Asylum (Ayr In and out over next few years Dec 25th 1886 discharged on probation and boarded with Mrs Margt McKECHNIE or Chalmers  Gateside Beith died 6arch 1888.

No. 161 Catherine McCARTNEY widow of  Peter Stewart Bensley age 39 15th Jun 1864 Relief 6/- per week b Kilwinning protestant established church partially disabled Burdened with children partially destitute Eldest son has ¾ ben and the second has ½ ben both live in family William 16 Peter 13 7/12 Marion 11 ¼ James 8 Andrew 5 ½ Catherine 3 John 1 1/12 all born in Kilwinning 1865 feb 14 reduce to 5/- per week 1866 feb 13 reduce to 4/- per week Sept 4 reduce to 3/- per week 1868 Feb 12th reduce to 2/6 per week 1868 Sept reduce to 1/6 per week child Arthur born about this date 1870 Feb 8 reduce to 1/- per week Sept 6 offer Poor House Nov 14 Grant education officer

No. 162 Janet Barrowman widow of Michael Love, res. Springside, Dreghorn. age 44 widow, sewer, burdened with children. son Michael staying with her Michael 21, single collier, Jane 15 single sewer, Mary 10, James 8 Mgt 6, Annie 4 and the youngest b. Dreghorn. Janet 17 single at service (I think it says) Parents James Barrowman and Janet Mann (again I think) and lastly Margaret Frew widow, 48 with Joseph 12, David 8, Mgt 3 also James 22 single collier, Robert 17, Janet 15 housekeeping live in family, Peter age 28 collier married with 2 children, Jane 20 married to Alex McFadzean collier with 1 child. Application refused, family living with her quite able to support her.

No. 180 Agnes Miller wife of Andrew White age 65 (1865) parents James Miller and Helen Baillie. She is an outdoor worker gets 1/6 per week. Children Helen 46 wife of Robert Thomson gamekeeper with 8 children, Margaret 44 widow of W. Watson with 9 children, Mary 42 wife of John Lindsay collier with 4 children, Jane 40 wife of Joe Brown collier with 7 children. Agnes Gilchrist grandd. Stays with her. 1874 gets £5 grant for outfit for New Zealand. 1865 Feb 14 Give 1/6 till 1st May then 1/- per week 1866 Feb 13 Raise to 1/5 per week Sept 4 Raise to 1/9 per week 1867 Feb 12 Raise to 2/- per week 1874 May 11th Grant £5 for outfit to New Zealand 6 June 1874 sailed to New Zealand.

No. 194 William Barr, Fergushill parents James Barr (deceased) and Ann Allardyce now grocer at Fergushill. Age 35 married born Irvine formerly collier now hawker of tea earning 5/6 per week. Wife Marion Bernie? 31, James 9, Mathew 6, John 4 att born Kilwinning. 8/8/1868 child Ann born. May 1867 child Cunningham born.

No. 176 Janet Young wife of Robert Auld age 26 (1864) earns 6d. per week, assisted by brother Adam Young. Husband born Kilwinning a baker age 27, now in America. Children Robert 6, William 3, Marion 1 born Troon. Her parents were William Young (disabled) and Margaret Carson (dead). She is a knitter gets 4/3 per week. 1870 June an illegitamate child born.

No. 214 Janet CONN or ROY AGE 34 8TH Jan 1866 partially disabled Burdened with children Elizabeth 5 yrs Margaret 3 yrs Thomas 1 yr All born Kilwinning Parents William Conn dec Margaret Ferguson

No. 234 Marion Wales or Whiteford  Garnock St Dalry age 55 yrs 8 Oct 1866 relief 1/- per week  b Stevenston settlement husband’s residence protestant Est. church widow muslin sewer partially disabled –delicacy partially destitute lives with daughter Jane 34yrs wife of John McTaggart miner 6 children Isabella 25yrs wife of Benj Harley pitheadsman 2 children daughter of Abraham Wales and Jean White both dead widow of James Whiteford 1868 feb 11th raise to 1/6 per week feb 14th 1882 offer poorhouse (daughter Jane dead) mar 13th reported off 1882 Dec 5th went to poorhouse 1883 june 11th give 1/6 a week 1885 march 9 raise to 2/6 a week.

No. 245 Jane Yuill Jeffrey widow of Joseph Jeffrey age 75 (11 Feb 1867) Family: Janet age 47 married to Robert White a disabled collier, John age 39 married a gamekeeper with no children, and Margaret age 34 married to Gilbert Padder? With 3 children. Widow of Joseph Jeffrey Son John brought up a child gratis who would otherwise have required support from board Feb 11  1868 raise 2/- per week 14th write to son John May 8 offer House 12th June discussion adhered to   Nov now chargeable 1872 apr 8 1/6per week 1873 Dec8 given1/- a week extra in meantime 1874 1st Sept reduce to 2/- died 15th Oct 1874

No. 247 Peter Frew 24 Bensley Square age 40  11 Feb 1867  6/- per week b Kilwinning protestant Est. church married collier wholly disabled diseased throat  partially destitute 1867 12Apr recovered cease to be chargeable son John 2/- per week Agnes Johnstone 34 b Irvine Joseph 18 miner severely injured John 12 10/12 Mgt 10 Janet 8 James 5 Peter 3 ½  Sarah 1 all b Kilwinning.

No. 261  Abraham Wales Green Kilwinning 4th April 1858 4 pm 7pm 7th April 1858 married age 46 pitheadman Wholly burned Ann Frew 36 Jeanie 10 Abraham 9 John 6 James 4 William 14 mths David 14 collier in Stevenston Was burned accidently actually about 3weeks since and has since been confined Has been in Kilwinning all his lifetime.

No. 287 Janet Frew McCRAE Marshall St Glasgow 61yrs 9th Mar 1868 B Stevenston protestant widow Relief  authorised Poorhouse Cleaner wholly disabled ,wholly destitute Settlement husband’s residence Thomas 34 collier b Kilwinning residence unknown Widow of William McCrae pauper Parents David Frew pauper in Stevenston and Mary Frew deceased 9 1868 may 6th Removed from Barony to Poorhouse May 25th left poorhouse 1870 Apr11 readmitted to Roll 1/6 per week or poorhouse, 8th Aug offer poorhouse 12th Sept discharge 1871 Nov 13th re-admitted Nov 18 left Barony poorhouse Dec 11th reported off 1872 Feb 12th readmitted poorhouse Mar 11 former decision confirmed –off roll 1873 Mar 10th re-admitted poorhouse 20th Jun left poorhouse 1875 Dec 13 readmitted poorhouse 1876 Apr 10th left poorhouse.

No. 288 Ann McKECHAN widow SMITH AGE 42  in 9TH MAR 1868 Father John McKECHAN dec Mary died 9 Sept 1871 Peter died 28 Jan 1872 Offered poorhouse 13th Feb 1872

No. 310  Robert Allerdice Fergushill age 33 collier 12noon 21st Aug 1858 b New Monkland Spine disease Agnes Watson 31, Alexander 12, Elizabeth 10, Robert 8, William 5, Mary 1 ¼ While residing in Irvine Parish lately was an admitted pauper on New Monkland Mr Alston inspector in that parish orally instructed inspector a few days ago to allow 3/- a week.

No. 341 Mary Muir Jeffrey widow of Robert Jeffrey age 68. Res. Butts. Assisted by grandson. Family: Janet age 41 married to John Jeffrey a collier with children, Jane age 32 married to R Ramsay with 2 children and Elizabeth Logan 44 married to James Blair with 5 children. She died 25/11/1875

No. 342 Thomas Wilson Green Kilwinning 67 years 12th April 1861  2/6 per week b Dundonald protestant Est. church married collier wholly disabled age and asthma wholly destitute settlement residence Mary Frew wife 55   Stevenston Agnes single age 16 bonnet knitter Jane 29 wife of Gilbert Jones has 7 Children, Thomas 24 single collier, Margaret 25 wife of Robert Wilson 1 child Elizabeth 20 single at service 1869 june 4 ceased to be chargeable working 1871 feb 13 re admitted in fever Apr 14 ceased to be chargeable 1875 mar 8 re admitted 2/6 per week 1876 jan 13th died.

No. 360 Abraham Wales 12th m Mar 1859 11am age 47 pitheadman wholly injured Relieved 2/6 29th mar ceased to be chargeable Ann Frew 37 Jeannie 11 Abram 10 John 7 James 5 William 2 was hurt at work.

No. 367 Elizabeth Young age 4 yrs old 13 Dec 1869 Deserted by mother Christina Shirky or Lindsay Poorhouse 14th Mar 1870 allow grandmother to take her out Struck off roll. 

No. 368 Margaret Lindsay age 2 yrs old 13 Dec 1869 deserted by mother Christina Shirky or Lindsay Poorhouse Taken away by mother 23 May 1870 William Lindsay gone to America, has deserted, mother still in country.

N0. 372 Jane Donaldson Maxwell 11th apr 1859 b Armagh widow application withdrawn age 80 laundress partially sore hand John 47 married 2 children 1 boy 14 and 1 boy 5 Archibald 3 children William (Carpet weaver) Ayr age 39 9 children Richard collier single. Has been in Kilwinning 14 or 15 years.  

No. 380 Robert Maxwell Corsehill 37yrs 13 Sept 1869 5/- per week b Ayr protestant free church married collier wholly disabled severely burned wholly destitute settlement  residence Agnes McINTYRE  wife 36, Mary 10 ys. Agnes 8yrs Robert 5yrs John 3 yrs Jessie 4 4 /12 all b Kilwinning Oct 15th recovered and ceased to be chargeable.

No. 389 Hugh Kerr age 58 born Ireland (April 1870) a widow, labourer suffering from asthma. Family: James age 24 in America. Mary 22 single has 2 illeg. Children. He died Nov 3 1870.

No. 390 James Mackie a collier age 64 and a widow. Family: Elizabeth age 42 married to John Galbraith in America with 2 children, Robert age 18 single collier with injured hand, Grace age 39 married to Alex Ferguson a collier with 5 children. James age 34 a collier with 2 children, Warner age 34 collier married with 5 children. Christina 25 married to James McGrau collier with 5 children, and William age 22 a collier married with 1 child.

No. 393 Fanny Williamson Kennedy age 39 (1870) widow of James Kennedy baker, daughter of Wm. Williamson watchman and Margaret McKern both deceased. She is a muslin sewer suffering fever.

No.  395 Agnes McNAUGHT  McKECHAN Bridgend age 76  11th July 1870  b Stevenston  1/6 per week Protestant widow wholly disabled old age partially destitute assisted by friends settlement residence John 54 disabled collier married has 3 children  two abroad (it says John again) John 52 collier married chronic bad leg no family, Agnes widow of William Smith see 288 Catharine 42 wife of Joseph Jeffrey disabled collier 10 children  3 Working Mary 32 wife of Robert Goldie teacher in Crookedholm, has 10/- a week, Robert in America

No. 399 James White age 66 (1870) born Kilwinning

No. 415 Abraham Wales age 60 (12/12/1870) a weaver who is married. Suffering from fever. He has a son working. Family: Anne Frew age 52 in Stevenston, David 27 collier single, Abraham 20 delicate, Jane 23 single at home, John 19, James 16 with fever, and William 10 all born Kilwinning. 1875 John Wales age 7 and William Wales age 9 deserted by father beginning of March. Taken by their Uncle William end of March. Jeanie Douglas Miller, living 14 High Street, Kilmarnock. Age 32 (1874) married to Andrew Miller who is in America. Husband born Kilwinning. She is a shopkeeper. Family: Annie 10 b. Auchinleck, Robert 8, Andrew 6, Henderson? all born America. Also Jeanie 4 and Jessie 3 born Kilmarnock, Margaret illeg. 1 year and Jeanie illeg. 6 mths. 1876 receives 5/- per week and 1879 20/- for clothes. Dec 1879 reported illeg. Female born last April.

No. 428 Charles McKinley age 38 married to Janet Cunningham age 25. He is a limestone miner. Family Isabella 11, Agnes 9, Margaret 7, Charles 5, James 3, Emma 9 mths. B. Irvine.

No. 429 James Arnott age 27 (1871) wife Ann McQueen age 25. He is the illeg. Son of Helen Arnott who was the late wife of James Conn, watchman, Eglinton. He is a miner with back injury. Family: Mary Arnott 6 b. Irvine, James 3 y9m. b. Irvine and Helen 1y. 4m. born Lugar.

No. 450 Catherine Howie Montgomery Bensley Square 31yrs 8th Jul 1872   5/- per week b Kilwinning protestant Est. church No particular occupation partially disabled by children partially destitute Assisted by friends settlement husband’s residence Sarah 11 Ann 9 John 6 Mary 3 Eliz 1 ½ all b Kilwinning Widow of Robert Montgomery   no 133 1873 oct13 raise to 7/- a week 1875 Sept 7 reduce to 5/-  1876 reduce to 4/4  1877 may 14th Ann is now off 1878 feb 12th reduced to 3/- sept 3rd reduced to 2/6 per week 1879 sept 2 reduced to 2/-and visit 1881 Nov 7th offer poorhouse. 

No. 457 Daniel Dunlop age 35 labourer 20th Dec1859 sore foot wholly disabled b Saltcoats Wife Eliz Kerr 35 John Dunlop 11 Eliz 7 Jane 3 James 6mths David Dinning wife’s illegitimate son 14 yrs lives in family and has 6/- a week at Brickwork John is also employed there but only commenced on Monday last Has been four weeks off work. Having been in Corsehill for three years past at Whtitsunday. Were in Sourlie 6mths before that time Doura 2 yrs Before that for many years in Brigend in Burns’ and Uns ? Lands. Dec 24th inspector gave 1/1 Jany 9 Parochial board gave 2/6 a week.

No. 492 Margaret Roy Green Kilwinning  age 11 ½ yrs 13 April 1874  2/- settlement father’s residence Protestant Est. Church Orphan Child of Thomas Roy and Janet Conn (both deceased) 14th Aug 1874  Leave given to Margaret Conn to remove her to Paisley Mar 16th 1875 ceased to be chargeable .

No. 493 Thomas Roy age 9 ½ (as above ) Sept 1875 raised to 3/- per week 25th July 1878 Begun to work  off roll. 

No. 493 James White jnr Corsehill age 26 20th July 1874 engineman wholly disabled spinal complaint partially destitute assisted by friends settlement residence died 24th Jan 1875.

No. 496 James White jnr. Age 26 (1874) in Corsehill, spinal complaint. He was an engine man, he is assisted by friends. Died 24/1/1875.

No. 490 Robert Ralston age 28 (1874) wife Jane Auld 22, William 1,1/2 born Kilwinning. Iron moulder, insane. 1887 moved to lunatic ward in Poorhouse. D. 7/12/1922.

No. 502 Elizabeth Coulter age 21 res. Stevenston. (14/9/1874) gets 3/- per week. She has Elizabeth 9 mths. Born Glasgow. Father James Mann, painter in 139 McGeahan Street, Glasgow has been issued with a decree. Thomas Hamilton age 19 (1874) has asked for board for infirmary. Eye hospital. He is a collier b. Kilwinning son of David Hamilton and Elizabeth Dyett., In Sept 1874 mother married W. McMillan and relief withdrawn.

No. 517 Janet Love Dinning born Stevenston, age 28 widow of David Dinning. Assisted by friends. Child. Eliz 5, Annie 3, Alex 6 mths. In Dec 1875 gets 3/-, 1879 2/- 1880 offered poorhouse.

No. 538 Mary Frew Wilson widow of Thos. Wilson daughter of David Frew and Mary Smith. Assisted by friends. Child: Jane 40 wife of David Jones with 9 children, Mary 37 wife of Robert Wilson quarryman with 5 children, Thos. 3? Miner with 2 children, Eliz 27 wife of John Graham, Agnes 25 wife of James Walker quarryman with 3 children.

No. 551 Marion McCartney Anderson green Kilwinning widow 38yrs Protestant 10th July 1874 4/6 pr week Earnings  Boy’s earnings Settlement husband’s residence Alexander 14 in mine, Marion 7, James 4 Charles 1 10/12 Daughter of P .McCartney weaver and Marion White 1878 sept 8th reduced to 4/-per week 1881 sept 6 reduce to 3/ per week 1882 reduce to 2/6 per week 1883 Aug 13th child Chas reported dead reduce to 1/- per week sept 4th struck off


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No. 343 - Agnes Wright / Barr Born Kilbirnie age 30, children Agnes 8, lives with father, William Wright at Den, Dalry, David Barr a collier was working with R Stewart and left her 8 days ago.  Husband native of Dalry and his father Andrew Barr at Penswick Row there.

No. 396 - David Barr Res 19 Single Row, married age 34?  On 23/6/1859 wife Agnes Wright age 29 Children: Agnes 9, William 7, Jeanie 5, Margaret 3, Robina 1.He was severly injured on Tuesday by fall in roof in Dykehead pit and died on afternoon of following day  - provided coffin, claim against Dalry.

No. 408 - August 1859 William Barr age 7 born Dalry, Jeanie 5 b. Kil, and Margaret Barr age 3 b. Dalry Mother Agnes Wright / Barr has eloped with a man William Lyme.  Children taken to poorhouse.  



Film no. 2170814


No. 622  29/1/1861 Joseph Jeffrey age 66 b. Stevenston collier, wife Jean Yuille age 69 b. Stevenston. Family: Janet m. to R. White disabled with 4 children, 2 able for themselves. John married with no children but keeps child Montgomery. Margaret married to Gilbert Auld (Hannah in another record) with 3 children. Applicant 30 years in parish.

No. 642  33/3/1861 David Frew, widow age 69 collier. In CrossBrae born Kilwinning. Wife Isabella Arnott found in ditch between Kilwinning and Ironworks – quite dead – expenses for coffin and burial.

No. 654  8/3/1861 William Diamond, Back Row, Bensley. Age 39 b. Belfast – a collier. Wife Euphamia Burnet age 34, depend. James Diamond age 4, John 2. Family: Henry Frew age 15 son of hers earns 2/- a day when working, Christina Frew 8 years in Aug. Applicant injured in coalpit 8 days ago. Came here about 7 weeks ago, Dalry 3 years, Old Monkland 2 years, Barony for some years. Christina Frew’s father Alex. Frew (next part not able to understand I think Alex Frew born in either Old or New Monkton)

No.   9 Sept 1861 Janet Jeffrey Frew in Bridgeend b. Stevenston widow age 80. Details: she was a pauper till March 1859 when she got a legacy of £15/18/-  £10 was given to her daughter who maintained her. Margaret age 56 married to Alex Dunlop a disabled collier whose children are grown up. Robert Frew pauper. Janet age 47 married to George Dove or Dunn engine keeper with one child grown up. Jeanie age 38 wife of James Dixon a shoemaker with 6 children. Catherine 36 widow of Hugh Henson with 1child. Applicant given 2/- per week.

No. 34  Jane Frew Dixon in Bridgend b. Kilwinning married age 39 a sewer. Family Robert 11, Janet 9, Joseph 6, John 4, Jane 14 mths. Husband James Dixon has abandoned her for the last 2 weeks, he is supposed to be in Glasgow., Daughter Elizabeth age 14 does nothing. Robert is appren. to shoemaker and has 2/-per week.

No. 120  April 1862 Robert Jeffery age 59 b. Stevenston, wife Mary Muir age 61 b.Irvine. Information: Wife deaf, lame and handicap. Janet Jeffery age 34 married to John Jeffery with 2 children. Jane 26 married to R. Ramsey with 2 children. Given 2/- per week.

No. 405  15/2/`864 Elizabeth Frew in Bridgend b. Kilwinning single age 15 a Mill worker. Was infected with itch will working in Bowfield Mill,Johnstone. She is the daughter of John Frew late pauper who has gone to Pennsylvania.

No. 670 April.1866 Janet Gibson Wales, The Green, widow age 58 b. Kilwinning a muslin sewer. Member of Free Church, family: Abraham Wales age 40 married with 4 children, Jane 34 m. to Richard Maxwell with 3 children, Mary 31 m. Henry Cunninghame with 5 children, Margaret 28 single at service, Helen 26 married to David Gilchrist a joiner in Greenoch with no family. William 25 a moulder in Dalry m. with no family, Andrew 21 collier in Crossbrae married with 1child. Janet 19 single servant.

No. 651 Jan 1866 William Frew age 50 b. Kilwinning a coal miner. Wife Jane Connal age 40 b. Irvine, depend: Frances Frew age 10 b. Dreghorn, Robert age 8 b. Irvine, William age 5 b. Dreghorn. Wife’s family John Miller 18 single collier, Jane 15 in family. They came to Fergushill in September last. Dreghorn 7.1/2 years. Dreghorn admitted liability.


The Kilwinning Poor Relief Report Book


I have been looking at the Kilwinning Report Book, which gives different details of the people who had applied for Poor relief. I found some of it interesting and some of it sad, I thought perhaps that some of you might like to read some details:-


-. Ann Dunn Barr, 1859 Aug 1 age 32. Able bodied and is a good muslin sewer. Her children are Barbara 11 now living with her grandfather James Dunn - taken from mother for not looking after her properly. Agnes 9 in Ireland with her brother. James 7, John 5, David 3 and an illeg. child Alex Wilson 3 weeks old. James Wilson collier has been living with her for a few weeks. In 1860 she abandons her children and married James Wilson or McMullen. No details are given about fate of children.

-. Annabella Ferguson Reid resident at Dove Cot Lane, 18?3 July 28, widow age 68. Has a sore leg and is not able to do much. Her family is Margaret 41 single and a warehouse worker, Mary 39 wife of Hugh Hopkins a labourer with 8 children. Jane 31 wife of Wm. Thomson a carpenter with twins, John 29 pressman in muslin warehouse with 4 children. Annabella 24 married to Chas. Aitken miner with 1 child living in the other end of the house.

-. Widow Oliver Love claim from Kirkintilloch. 1866 March 28 at Kilmaurs examined John Love brother of Oliver who stated that his mother's name was Agnes Wynn, he was 2 years older than Oliver. He was born in Green, Kilwinning and that his father was a wright to Kenneth's at the time. Refer to Wm. Love Dalry. They removed from Kilwinning when Oliver was about 2 then lived in Kilmaurs till father died. Oliver left after the harvest of 1861 when he was 19.

-. John Frew, 1859 Aug 1, age 38. Has injured his back. Keeps 2 asses and drives coal but does not get regular employment. His wife Elizabeth McKechan age 36 is an able sewer, daughter Agnes 15 is a sewer but works at Eglinton and gets 8d. per day. Janet 13 drives of of the asses, Elizabeth age 11 is not at school but stays at home to allow mother to sew. James 9, Ann 7, at school, there is also Jane 5 and David 1. All the children are healthy and well looked after. 1860 child born. 1861 father was not able to work, Janet was working in the fields at West Kilbride, the other 3 were at school, Infant child Margaret was dying. 1862 July 22 wife dying of consumption.

-. George Dunn, claim for funeral expenses. 1862 Sept 10 Mary Caldwell Dunn states that her son George died April last. He married Bell Whyte also now dead. He only once had a claim for Poor relief in Paisley. After being in Glasgow some time he came back to Paisley in 1854 and enlisted in the Militia. He was born in Kilwinning 7/1/1818. Robert Dunn states that when he came home from the West Indies in 1858 his brother was in Glasgow.

-. James White age 47, collier lives on his own and suffers from Asthma, he does not keep himself clean and in 1860 Feb 4 is offered a pair of trousers from the Board on condition that he washes his face once per week. The condition was met.

-. Robert Jeffrey resident Tanyard, Kilwinning. 1862 July 22 age 59 collier, almost disabled. Wife Mary Muir age 61 is lame and deaf and has to be carried through the house but is able to sew. Daughter Janet is married to John Jeffrey and has 2 children, Jane 26 m. to R.Ramsay a collier with 2 children. Jane Jeffrey age 10 1859 May 28 is with grandmother Mrs Kilpatrick, Dalry and is at school and is healthy and well cared for effectionatly by her Grandmother. 1860 is making progress in reading and writing, her teacher Mr Jolly said that he believed she had some deficiency in mental progress.

-. Widow John Muir, Bridgend. 1859 July 14 Isabella Smith age 59, is keeping better but is still delicate. Family : Agnes 32 is married and lives in Australia where her husband has property, Margaret 25 is married to Alex Ferguson weaver with 5 children, Janet 23 married to Thomas Miller a Blacksmith in Ardrossan with 1 child, and Mary 17 lives with her mother. 1860 her daughter has dropsie attacks but is getting better. Aug 1860 mother away visiting her daughter, some distance away and in 1861 is in fair health but still as usual full of complaints.

-. Widow John White from Ochiltree. 1860 Mary Douglas is aged 40 plus, is employed by Mr Tennant, son William age 14 earns 6/- per week, James 12 has a deformed hand and earns 6d. per day. Hugh 10 is at school. Mother is anxious to get more education for son James as she fears he will not be able to do any labouring job because of his hand.

-. Andrew White, Southhook, Dreghorn. 1859 Aug 24, age 60 has lumbago and is unable to do much work. He has a free house for watching the pit on the sabbath and he suffers from asthma. Wife, Agnes Miller age 59 is employed in the field., daughter Helen 39 is m. to Gilbert Thomson collier with 7 children, Margaret 37 m. W. Watson with 6 children, Mary 35 m. John Lindsay with 2 children and Jane 33 is married with 6 children.

-. Cunninghame White residence in Dalry age 50 collier born Kilwinning is wholly disabled, his wife Mary Cunningham age 45 with Mary 11 at service and Christina 13, Ann 11, Mathew 4. Wife has the cold fever for the last 3 weeks and daughter Ann also, none of the children are working. In 1863 three girls working and earning 11/3 between them per week.

-. Robert Frew, Elderslie. 1861 age 21 widow age 42 a collier with dislocated shoulder, born Stevenston to Robert Frew and Janet Jeffrey now resident at Bridgend. His sister Catherine a widow with 2 children living with him. His child Robert 15 is an app. baker in Kilwinning, Arch 13 lives with him and has 2/10 per week in Elderslie Mill but has gone to New Mill Johnstone where he will have 3/3, John 10 is in Kilwinning and Annie 9. He has been in Elderslie since 1858, has spent 2 years in Kilwinning and 3 in Stevenston employed at Fergushill, Redstone, Dykehead and Kenneth's. removed on St Margarets day 1849 to Fergushill and then Dreghorn in 1852 . Is getting 2/- .`









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