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Prestwick, one mile south of Monkton, is an old burgh of barony, of which the Prince of Wales is said to be the superior. Though it has many new villas and other buildings, it is mostly old in its architecture; has a primitive market cross, a modern Council Hall, ornamented with a steeple, a post office (with money order and savings bank), Free and United Presbyterian Churches, a public school, and a railway station. With its extensive and beautiful sands for sea bathing, and links for golfing, it is growing in favour as a watering place. Population in 1871, 750; in 1881, 1064. 

The village of New Prestwick, one mile farther south, stretches across the boundary line with Newton-on-Ayr, and is a pleasant, thriving place. Population, 734. The parish is a combination of two ancient parishes ; and the ruins of two old parish kirks - one at Prestwick and the other at Monkton - are still to be seen.  

Chief seats are Adamton House, one mile east of Monkton; Fairfield House, half-a-mile north; Orangefield, half-a-mile south. 

The surface of the parish is flat and sandy, rising a little, and growing more consistent eastward. The main stream is the Pow Burn, crossed by a bridge at the Established Church of the united parishes, between Prestwick and Monkton. The length of the parish, north, is four miles fully, and its breadth is three miles. Area, 3760 acres. Population, 2121.



1791-99 and 1845 Statistical Accounts


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The name Prestwick signifies "The Village of the Priest." The origin of this burgh belongs to a very early period of Scottish history. The charter de novo granted by James VI, a copy of which is in the possession of the freemen, is dated 19th June 1600, and assumes that Prestwick was known to have been a Free Burgh of Barony for upwards of 600 years before the date of renewal, which would carry it back to the reign of Kenneth III.....>




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