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The town of SALTCOATS, one mile east-south-east of  Ardrossan, occupies a fine situation, partly in Ardrossan and partly in Stevenston parish, with its main body on a slight promontory, its two Nebbocks pointing seaward, its tail extending northward, and its east and west wings outstretched along the beach. It was in existence in, the early part of the sixteenth century, when the once important saltworks, from which the name is ‘derived, were commenced. It is now a seaport and watering place, and shares with Ardrossan the pretty sea bathing bay lying between them. The harbour, constructed in 1685, had an export trade in coal,, and is a fishing station. Much of the town is old, though some of it -  especially the west wing - is new and bright with numerous charming cottage residences; and, being fitted throughout with modern sanitary improvements, enjoys excellent health. Saltcoats is a police burgh; has a Town Hall; a post office, with telegraph, money order, insurance,, and savings bank departments; a Bank of Scotland, a Royal Bank of Scotland, two Established Churches two Free Churches (one of them Gaelic), two United Presbyterian Churches, an Evangelical Union Church, a Roman Catholic Church, an academy, a public good, lot of shops, muslin weaving and rope making, a convalescent home, and a railway station. Saltcoats is a suitable place for the invalid-sheltered from cold north winds by rising grounds-lounging in sunny gardens, eyeing the bees humming among the pea blossoms, inhaling the soothing sea breeze from the south west and singing with the poet (who must have sojourned somewhere hereabouts), who  sang -

"Saft is the breezes that blaws frae the seases,

And bonnie’s the beeses that bums ‘mong the peases." 

Population in 1871, 4624; in 1881, 5096.

William Burns, champion of the rights of Scottish nationality, was born at Saltcoats, December, 1809. He became head of the firm of Burns, Alison, ,& Aitken; writers; published " What’s in a Name," directed against the unjust assumption of the name, of English for what is Scottish, and British; also, "Scottish War of Independence," a history in two volumes, dealing with the times of Wallace, when the armed contention for the crown of Scotland between the houses of Baliol and Bruce, or  Galloway and Carrick, threatened to destroy the national independence. These are valuable works, to be read by every Scotchman, and. why not by every Englishman ? who may learn to know and have infinite pride in the knowledge, that he belongs to the never conquered British Island nationality, crown and name successfully defended by the Scotch against foreign invaders through all past ages, though his English province of it was unfortunately conquered and ruled by foreigners for some centuries, but was again restored to its own British crown and nation, preserved as Scotland, by the will of a kind and wise Providence. Mr Burns died at Moffat, August, 1876, aged 67.

The surface of Ardrossan parish is of moderate elevation and levelness in the south and east, marked here and there and yonder with small plantation clumps and heights, and is nicely cultivated. 


" Scotland's Quaintest Burgh "

Saltcoats Old and New

  It's Lost Links and Landmarks Restored - visit the 'Saltlands'


Rev. Landsborough's Stevenston Parish Lists   

Half of Saltcoats being in the Parish of Stevenston, early Nineteenth Century Census Details.


Two Fearless Lady Mariners

Betsy Miller the Captain in Crinoline

The story of Betsy and Hannah Miller

Also visit Kerry Farmer's webpage on Betsy. Kerry is one of her descendants.



The Will of Robert Reid Cuninghame of Auchenharvie 26th December 1814

Very interesting details of the family and the industry on Saltcoats and Stevenston at this time. Particularly in Will 2.

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Old Maps of Ayrshire Place Names

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1791-99 and 1845 Statistical Accounts


  Saltcoats Burial Ground Headstone Images

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