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  1821 Census for St Quivox and Newton

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Pigot's 1837 Directory of St Quivox and Newton


Map of St Quivox 1818


1791-99 and 1845 Statistical Accounts


  Photographs of Headstones in St Quivox Cemetery

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Map of St Quivox today

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StreetMap of St Quivox

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Old Maps of Ayrshire Place Names

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The parish was originally known as Sanquhar or Sanchar (from the Gaelic "sean" = old and "coer" = fort). There are still farms with this name in the district. The present name of St. Quivox is believed to have been derived from 'Santa Kennocha Virgo in Coila" (a female personage of some local note, who lived in the reign of Malcolm II ). It has been found spelt as St. Kevock, St Kenochis, St. Cavocks and St. Evox. The latter could be found on local milestones until a few years ago....>

Here are some figures showing the parish's population through time:















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