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Stevenston Poor Relief Books

Some extracts from the book transcribed by Mairi Frew  Mairifrew@aol.com


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No. 32  Margaret Wilson / Jeffrey Gilmour Close, Stev Age 71 (1865) by Residence On roll 20/5/1859 1/- alimony Widow, washerwoman 1868 Feb and 26/- grant given 1869 Died aged 76 March 8 1871 

No. 49  George Goudie Cowrooding Street Age 44 (1865) Single by birth Collier with asthma Died 28 April 1868 age 47.

No. 212  David Frew Main St Age 84 (1867) little from rents.  By birth and res. 2/- per week.  Born Stevenston Widower carter Died Feb 11 1868 

No. 291  Catherine McKean / Duffy New Street Age 34 (1870) Widow b. Stevenston Handsewer Earnings own and eldest girls earnings Residential through husband Child. Mathew b. Stevenston Nov 1866 age 3.4/12 Agnes b. 30 June 1858 age 11.1/12 Catherine b. 18 April 1862 age 7.11/12 Margaret b. 21 Jan 1869 age 1.1/12 1870 July 29 Agnes earns 2/6-3/- per week Aug 5 reduced to 3/- per week 1875 Reduced to 2/- per week 1877 Aug 7 struck off roll.

No. 395  Janet Frew / Scott Fergushill Age 34 (1873) birth of husband B. Kilwinning Widow Earning: small shop Children: Margaret 12 b. Dreghorn Susan 8 b. Stevenston Agnes 1.10/12 b. Kilwinning Jessie b. Kilwinning April 1874 Husband Adam Scott, collier was killed in the pit at beginning of Nov. 1874 May, has given birth to a posthusuous (or something similar) child 1875 Oct 1st eldest girl gone to her Uncle 1876 allowed frock and shoes for the girl who is at school 1876 Dec 8 applied for clothes – refused 1877 March 2 Poorly, claim left to inspector of Kilwinning 1877 Aug 9th Dead .

No. 427  David Frew New Street #1875 Feb 5th b. Stev. No age given Married miner with asthma Died Dec 10 1875 

No. 447  Robert Jeffrey c.c. Poorhouse Age 33 years as at 6th Aug 1875 By birth Single collier with broken arm 

No. 483  Margaret Girvan Jeffrey (widow of Andrew Jeffrey) 5 Boyd St, Galston Age 36 years (1877) 1/6 per week pirn winding By birth of husband.  She was born Loudon Widow with young family David 5 b. Loudon, Agnes 7, James 3, Janet 1.3/4 , Andrew b. 16/2/1877, John illeg. B. Nov 1881 1878 Feb 7th David at school, now 2/6 per week earnings small shop 1877 July 30 Agnes gone this day to No. Public school Galston 

No. 560  Margaret Walker / Brown Green St, Saltcoats Age 32 years (1878) by res. Married but husband in prison Hawker, young family Andrew 9, Alex 7, John 2, Margaret 6, Selina

No. 665  Robert McIntyre or Frew Windmill St Age 44 years (1881) By birth Coal miner Wife Mary Weir age 35 Agnes 13 b. Kyleshill, Charlotte 8, Eliz 4, Anna 1, Robert 10, John 6. 

No. 704  Mary Boyd or Clasper New Street Age 30 (1888) by res. 4/8/1882 b. Kilmaurs, married husband in prison William 11 b. Bothwell, Mathew 7 b. Stevenston, James 6 months. B. Stevenston 21.6.1882, Maggie 2.1/2, Agnes

No. 723  Margaret Walker Fullarton Place Stevenston Age 23 (1883) b. Stevenston Single Illeg child born 19/3/1883 Ella Blyth.  Walker R. Bicket reputed father Evidence against Bicket sufficient to justify proceedings 

No. 725  Robert Walker Boglemart St Age 66 (1883) by birth and res. Former miner Single Died 24/10/1884 

No. 736  Johnstone Clasper 127 Darconner, Auchinleck age 31 (1883) married, born Stevenston, coal miner, sprained knee Wife Isabella Herbison?


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No. 9. 1874 John Mayer Crawford, from Abbey Paisley, he is age 62 and occupation is musician, his wife is Anne Hughes who is not with him but is travelling around the country. A well known case in Paisley. (Not sure what this means)

No. 10. Martha Wright Cairns widow of James Cairns. age 57 a field worker. Her husband was born Ireland and d. 1870. Children Agnes 35 born Ireland m. W. McLear a carter in Glasgow, Mgt 33 m. Thomas Taylor a moulder in Kyleshill, Sarah 31 m. M.Wylie a carpenter in Windmill Street, also Samuel 29 and John 27. Martha 21 m. D? McKenzie and lives with mother. John pays her rent and all her family do a little for her. Her home is very tidy and comfortable.

No. 16 Elizabeth Kennedy or Auld, Boglemart Street age 90 (1865) lives with son William b. 1807 weaver. She is I think widow of William Auld. Child: Eliz. m. W. Wallace, collier, Mgt. M. W. Scott weaver, Janet m. Robert Dick collier, Hugh and Robert both married.

No. 24 Anne Frew or Beveridge, Cowrodding Street age 32 (1865) widow, handsewer. Child: Agnes 12 and Elizabeth 8

No. 54 - 1866 Ann Love or Love Harbour Street age 32 13/7/70 Widow McGawson?? her grandmother stays with her. She was born Stevenston and Alex was in Arran at Service. She was receiving 2/- per week.

No. 54 Janet Erskine or Pennall - Schoolwell Street age 80 (1866) keeps lodgers. Children: Arch. collier with 4 children Mgt M. D. Caldwell collier, Janet m. W. Moran carter, Jeanie m. John Alexander, Mary m. James Dickson collier and William m. with 1 boy d. 20/4/1870

No. 65 Anne Frew or Murray widow of Duncan Murray age 63 (1865) at Cowroding Street, she sells laces and blackening. Child: George 44 collier married with 8 children, Catherine m., Mgt 28 m. John Smith collier with 2 children, Mary 26 m. Wm. Fleck collier with 4 children and Ellen 24 m. Thomas Crawford

No. 192 Robert Thom, New Street age 30 (1867) single collier suffers from convulsion fits. Lives with mother Widow Jane Reid Thom who has 2 other children. In 1868 he was removed to asylum.

No. 232 - Dec 2 1861 Alexander Love 80 Ardeer Square married age 46 collier Wife Ann Frew or Love age 42, children: Christina b. Kil. 11, Jemima b. Stevenston age 3, Ann age 1.  Jean 16 at Benfield bleachfiled, Janet 14 at Kirkton bleachfield Present Residence 4 years past in Oct. out of that 4 years was 5 months in Kilwinning ????family Previous Motherwell 10  months, previous Grasswater 2 years, previous Stevenston 2 years, previous Kilwinning. Father was Michael Love was a collier died 27 years ago in ???? Mother Jean Fleming? Died Sourley 9 months before the father. Has a brother in Springside colliery Michael Love collier. Lodger James Dyce  A sisters ???? got parochial relief for 5 months in Kilwinning about 9 years ago had a residential settlement there.

No. 247 - 30/12/1861 Ann Love or Love age 28 - hand sewer, widow of Alex Love seaman died 10/10/1861 she m. 26/10/1855 children: Alex b. Canal Street 30/6/1856, William b. Kyleshill 15/5/1858, Mgt. b. Kyleshill 26/5/1860 when married stayed with her sister Mrs Taylor 19 Canal Street from marriage till May 1856 afterward with Mrs Alex for 1 year and then Mrs McCallums till now.

No. 290 - Janet Hogarth or Reid Widow of Cunningham Reid age 72, res. With Mrs Auld grocer, Cowroding. Born Millhill Stevenston Children: John Reid married engine driver Ayr with 5 children. Cunningham married engine driver with 2 children. Jean widow of Lawrence Love 6 children in Ayr, paupers. James married engine driver 4 children Kilmarnock Resid: never out of Stevenston and husband always in Stevenston since he came home. Handsewer, disability paritially age.  No. in Register 212

No. 338 - 6/2/1863 Cunningham Reid Blind, Boglemart no age given, single formerly weaver employed at Glasgow Blind asylum.

No. 410 - Jane Jeffrey or Fleming Widow of James Fleming mason, New Street Stev, widow age 32 handsewer. Children: John 4.1/2, Janet Love 2 b. Dalrymple, Jemima 4 months., Jane 4 months, Applicants husband died about 6 months since his death had been 6 weeks Stev, prior at Dalrymple Junction 3 years 11 months, prior at Coatbridge 2 months His parish of res. last he has been in LongLoan Coatbridge.

No. 482 Susan Auld / Beveridge Main Street age 21 years. Child: Jane 5, Susan 3, James b. 7/1/1877. Deserted by husband. 15/1/1877 husband returned !

No. 634 Catherine Muir / Andrew Jeffrey, Grange Street Stev., handsewer, children: Andrew 12, Charles 10, Mary 8, James 5, John 2 mnths. Also Robert 19 collier left home on Monday last and has not returned, he was a wright in the Iron works, Mary 15 is in service in Stevenston. Husband Andrew Jeffrey son of Robert Jeffrey and Isabella left home 1 month ago and is thought to have gone to the Kilmarnock area and might still be there, has not returned. They previously lived in Schoolwell St., and Raise St.

No. 640. David Frew age 20 a collier is living with David Campbell a collier. His father is Muir Frew butcher and Janet Blair. He has never been out of Stevenston. He has a spinal disease but is fit for work.

No. 644. Robert Thom lives in New Street, age 30 is a collier. Father Alex Thom and Jane Reid whom he stays with. He has been having fits since he was 14 but they are getting more frequent and he becomes violent.

No. 649. Henry Currie age 35 collier. He is a miner out of work. Wife Agnes Findlayson age 37, children: Hendry 12 born Glasgow, James 6, B Kilwinning and William 4 born Glasgow

No. 700. George Johnstone age 70 a widow. Family: Elizabeth 20 bonnet knitter keeps house for her father, George 18 at service, Robert 15 in coalpit, Agnes 11 a bonnet knitter and Mary 9 at school. Wants assistance to make things easier for his family. 

No. 731 Catherine Brown Thom. age 79 a widow (1879) family Mary m. John Thom in Ardrossan, Margaret m. Isaac Park, Elizabeth m. Archibald Tait, Marion lives in America, and Benjzamin who is an engineer.

No. 743. Mary Kelso / Reid widow of Thomas Reid. age 31 her family are John 11, David 7, William 3, Rebecca and Mary 8 mths. Her husband who was born in Ireland had died.

No. 847 William Frew, Schoolwell Street age 73 (1886) weaver wife Jean Paterson 50, with David 17 miner and Helen 16. other child: John weaver, Marion m. Michael McLachlan miner, William m. with 4 children, Jean m. Rich. Maxwell miner, Susan m. James Park. He died 21/4/1889

No. 904 David Frew Townhead Street age 28 (1888) single weaver, son of David Frew weaver and Jean Fulton. Sent to asylum. Died 16/10/1892

No. 1016 Jean Watchman or Frew Schoolwell Street, age 70. Child: James seaman married in London and Arch. a seaman married living in Schoolwell.

No. 1110 Catherine Galt / Frew in George Street. 2/3/1896 sent to Ayr Asylum. She was married to James Frew railway porter. Friends agreed to pay full board in Asylum. She died 18/10/1897

No. 1545 James Frew age 39 iron moulder (10/11/1908) admitted to asylum wife Eliz. Jane Nelson residence Ardoch Crescent. child: Lenora Catherine b. 21/8/1908. Discharged 30/4/1909

No. 1639 - Margaret Jane Fleming Thistle Cottages Stev, resides with grandmother Age 8.8/12 on 9/8/1910
Parents William Fleming and Agnes Graham both dead.  1917 off roll – working.

No. 1640 - Whilelmina Fleming age 5.3/12 as no. 1639 died Feb 6th 1917

No. 1655 - Annie Caldwell Kerr 44 Raise Street, Saltcoats, age 66 years on10/1/1911 husband Francis Kerr died at sea 13 years ago.

No. 1797 - Rebecca Gray or Robertson, Paisley Poorhouse, age 41 years (1915) HUSBAND Thomas Robertson shipyard worker age 58 born Harbour St, Saltcoats was sent to prison for 6 months for cruelty to his child Rebecca, Children John 14, Jessie 4, Rebecca 8 weeks.

No. 1820 (2/11/1915) William Dinning, 9 Schoolwell Street age 65 b. Newmilns, single, labourer - d. 21/2/1916.

No. 2046 - Robert Barr Age 38 in Schoolwell Street 1921 Miner Birth and Residen. Wife Martha Ramsay age 34, children Lizzie 14, Agnes 11, William 9, James 6, Andrew 3, John 8 months

No. 2178 - James Barr Age 48 in 1921 Res. Canal Bank, coal miner, wife Margaret Brown age 48, Children Selina 14, David 11, Joseph 8, out of work for 22 weeks.

No. 2215 - Robert Barr Res. 37 Warner Street, age 21 in 1921. By birth and residence, Wife Annie McCrae age 19, child: Annie 5 months. Hawker in pit, out of work.
No. 2408 - Annie McCrae applies for relief her husband Robert Barr in prison for 5 days . 16/1/1922



 June 1880 till Dec 1881:


James Goldie, New Street, age 48, miner with asthma, wife Catherine Smith age 44, children  Margaret 9, Hugh 4, James 2.  Also Eliz age 21 a dynamite worker, Ann 15 at service given £2 per half year, Alex 12 works in Foundry earns 3/- per week. 

Elizabeth Murphy or Dean age 64, a hawker, widow of Mathew Dean who died 16 years ago.  She has two daughter Elizabeth m. to James Burns a labourer, and Mary m. John McKinley a miner in Linwood.  She has been in Stevenston 8 years. 

Mary Frazer age 61, a washerwoman, children:  James Frazer m. a stoker lives in Liverpool has 5 children and Robert who is also m. with 1 child also in Liverpool. 

John Mullen, Grange Street age 38 a miner, wife Mary Moore age 29.  Children:  illeg. child of his wife's Mary Moore age 11, John Mullen b. Stevenston age 9, Catherine 7, James 5, Rebbeca 2.   His parents were John Mullen miner (dec) and Rebecca Nixon (dec) he has a brother Peter Mullen 2 years older than him who lives in Airdrie. 

Margaret Allison or Morrison, age 30 lives in Kyleshill.  Children Isabella b. Dalry age 12, Samuel b. Dalry  age 10, Margaret b. Stevenston age 4, James 1. Husband Samuel Morrison, a porter on Arran steamboat was charged with assault at Kyleshill and was jailed for 3 months, he used to earn 18/- per week when in work, now wife keeps lodgers when they are available. 

James McMillan, 2 Auchenharvie Row, age 49 born Greece, coal miner with bronchitis, wife Margaret Mooney age 49.  children:  William McMillan age 26 a ship's carpenter single lodges with Mrs Sinclair, at Bowling, Dumbarton and James married age 24 a seaman in Raise Road Saltcoats with 2 children and Martha age 26 daughter of his wife's. 

John McLellan, Boglemart age 41 a miner.  wife Jane Hamilton age 41, children: Jeanie age 6 b. Stev., William age 4, Robert 1.  Also John age 20 works in pit. 

Catherine Welsh age 10 and Stephen Welsh age 5, their parents John Welsh and Mary T???ue, were put in prison about 3 months ago for assaulting the police.  Children were abandoned and put in poorhouse. 

Margaret Thomson or Cosgrove,  lives with John Thomson a miner, in Quay Street.  She has Margaret Cosgrove age 9 months who was born Stevenston, her husband whom she married about 2 years ago left her about 2 months ago and she is now destitute. Could not read this entry very well, there were more details of her husband but I could not decipher them. 

James Allison, Schoolwell Street, age 42 wife Euphamia Harkley, children:  James 11, Euphamie 9, David 7, Robert 5 and William 1.1/2.  Also Alex a miner who lives in Schoolwell with 1 child and Janet who is married to Robert McIntyre a miner with 1 child and also Elizabeth age 14 who is at service.  He got burnt at pit and is now destitute. 

Michael Murray, Quay Street age 33, dock labourer his wife is Jane Miller b. Troon, children Hugh 10, Jeanie 8, Michael 6 and James 1.  He has been off work for 10 weeks. 

William Biggart age 37 miner, wife Lilias Kelso age 35 very frail with dropsey, children:  Mary 13, Thomson Biggart age 12  he is very frail and looks like he is dying, James 9, Grace 7 and William 6.  He has hurt his back and has been off work for 2 weeks. 

Margaret Beveridge, New Street, b. West Kilbride age 70.  Children:  David a miner married with 4 children, lives in Kilwinning, Jeanie widow of Charles Stripling has 2 children, John is married with 4 children lives in Kirkintilloch, and Joan single with 1 illeg. child has delicate health and receives 2/6 per week, and Andrew a miner who is married with 1 child lives in Kilwinning.


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466 1866 Robert McNAUGHT Fullerton Place Stevenston 29th June Tailor married above 40 partially disabled wife Ann Miller (in fever) 40 son John 20 collier lying with fever some days past Charles 19 Isabella 16 Applicant laid up with fever though better although weakly Wife at present ill for last days James 11yrs Janet 5yrs Alexander 2yrs Settlement Stevenston Relieved  

593 4th March 1869 William ALLERDICE  Schoolwell Stevenston B County of Lanark married 37 collier earnings nil wholly disabled  lame Mary Wyllie wife 30 Jeann a dau 12 ,Alex at school , Robert at school 7 , Thomas at home 5 , Eliz  3 Laid up in bed and very done like  has been ill and unable for work for a week , has not earned on average above 6/-a week for some time Relieved  

604 1869 Mar 14th  Alexander LOVE  Brown’s lane Boglemart  Stevenston b Dreghorn married 50 collier  visited Mar 15th wholly disabled asthma wife Ann Frew 48 Jemima at school 9,Ann at school 6,Michael 2 ½ Living in family Jean handsewer 21  Janet 19 Christina 17 Parents Michael Love collier , Jean Fleming  both deceased Resident Brown’s 3yrs 9mths Prior Lochart’s land 1yr Gilmour Couroding 3mths 80 (Looks like )Auchenharvie 3yrs Fergushill 5mths 30 Ardeer Square 1 yr Claim 5 years ago when in Ardeer Square , Dreghorn repaid Relieved Mar 15th note to Dreghorn got relief from Dreghorn in August   

634 May 22nd 1869 Cath Muir JEFFREY wife of Mr Andrew Jeffrey Grange St Stevenston husband b Stevenston,  Cath b Saltcoats 42 handsewer  neither wholly or partially disabled Andrew12 Charles 10 Mary 8 James 5 John 2 Robert 19 has left home last Monday night and has not been home –illegible Marion 16 is married in Stevenston Husband’s parents Robert Jeffrey dec , Isabella Jeffery pauper Andrew ------ illegible  Colliery left wife and family a month past in Tuesday does not know whereabouts has not –illegible   children Was seen once in Kilmarnock ,may probably be there residence  Grange St 2 mths Prior Schoolwell Stevenston 1yr 10mths ,  Raise St 10mths Double Row Square 1yr 3mths  Kilwinning Kenneth St 1yr Samuel Reid’s  home ?1YR Green St 6yrs 9mths Never has resided long in one place since marriage 20yrs past in March but was mostly in Ardrossan 22nd May relieved 1/-  

669 1869 July 25th  Cunningham REID Boglemart single  blind has been out here visiting his parents and applies for some relief to pay his railway fare back to Glasgow, for a little relief Relieded of 5/-


Film 2170879 1880-1887

August 1886

No. 1576  William Frew, at Schoolwell age 73 weaver.  Wife Jean Paterson age 50. Family  David 17 miner, Helen 16 Additional information:  John a weaver married with no family, Marion m. Michael McLachlan with 1 young daughter, William m. with 4 children, Jean m. Richard Maxwell a miner with no family, Susan m. James Harkley miner, Janet m. Mathew Fraser miner in Muirkirk with 4 young family. 

April 1887

No. 1656 April 1887  William Alexander, Robertson Lane, Quay Street, age 60, a labourer.  Wife Sarah McMeechan.  Family:  Agnes 40 washerwoman in family, John 38 lab. M. lives in Harbour Street, Janet who is deserted wife of ???Aitken lives in Harbour Street with 5 children.   James lab. a widower with 1 child, Mary Ann m. John Russell a miner in Crosshouse with 2 children.  Sarah m. Edward Ray a seaman lives in Quay Street with 1 child. 

No. 1661  Bridget Mullen or Hughes at 87 Ardeer Square.  Age 40 a  house worker. Family:  John 12, Catherine 9, Agnes 3. Also: Mary Ann 16 a Dynamite worker, Frances 14 works in Foundry earns 3/- per week Has had no word from husband or known whereabouts.  

No. 1668 William Morran in New Street.  Born West Kilbride age 72 a labourer.  Wife Elizabeth Woodworth age 50. Family:  Mary Ann m. Henry Magee with a large family, Agnes m. James Scott a miner at Cannick Lodge with 5 children.  James a miner in America, single, has sent £2 twice for father’s rent.  William a carter in America married with 1 child but does not have known address.  

No. 1670  Thomas Davidson in Canal Street, age 67, a plasterer labourer.  Wife Agnes Smith age 70 who is blind. Family:  John a Master Plaster in Springvale Street who is married with no family.  Robert inspects water pipes and ????? in Dublin, lives in 34 Cork Street Dublin with no family.  Thomas a slater in Coatbridge or Airdrie who is married with 6 children.  Mary m. John Paton a miner in Torranyard Kilwinning with 2 children.  Alexander works in Coalpit lives in Annbank with 6-7 children. John gives them 2/6 per week. 

No. 1679 John Barr lodges with Mrs Boyd back of Yelt Lane, Quay Street.  Born Kilbarchan married age 69, a weaver.  Wife Isobella Wilson age 68 lives in Kilbarchan. Family:  William Barr foreman power loam worker recently in America he is single and helps father and mother.  Annie Barr m. Henry Dickson a miner in Knightswood, Maryhill with no family. Was getting relief from Kilbarchan up until 3 months ago.  

No. 1682  John Norwood age 57 labourer.  Wife Harriet Weir age 50, dep. Children Samuel 10, Hannah 8. Family : Margaret Jane age 16 not working, James 18 in pit gets 2/- per day.  David a slater and jobbing miner lives in Raise Street, Saltcoats.  John a miner married with no family.  Mary Ann m. T McCulloch a miner with 4 children. 

June 1887

No. 1696  Jane Morrison or McCraken lives in Gas Works Close age 30 a farm worker who has been neglected has John McCraken age 3 who is delicate.  Husband George McCraken age 27 b. Paisley who was a baker, lives in 10m Albert Street, Govan he was born Greenock his father was George McCraken, baker (dec) and mother Janet Lambert from 10 Albert St, Govan. Applicant is seperated by mutual consent 14 months ago, husband has paid her 8/- per week but stopped sending in May.  They were married October 1879 Kinning Park District.  

No. 1698  David Hyndman in Mrs Boyds New Street.  Born Shisken Isle of Arran age 62 a labourer. Parents:  Peter Hyndman a carter and weaver and Margaret Currie both deceased. He was a farmer and quarryman who has not worked for 3 and ½ years. Family:  Peter Boyd joiner married with 1 boy in house.  John a farm servant widow with 1 daughter in Shiskine.  James farm servant single in Kilmore.  Mary m. Arch. Findlay a seaman has 4 children in Ardrossan.  Maggie 29, weaver in Kilbarchan.  

No. 1700  Elizabeth Dougal or Robbins?? B. St Quivox, Ayr, single (no age given) Parents John Dougal and Jane Drennan both dec. First m. Thomas Craig a master plumber who died many years ago.  He was born Helensburgh and lived there until his death.  Second marriage was 5 years ago to Joseph Norris Robins? B. America.  He is at home but cant get a ship. Family:  Jeanie Dougal or Craig illeg. Child age 14 years born Greenock.  

No. 1703  Elizabeth McCulloch or Marshall or Findlay, a house worker, widow age 52. Family:  William Marshall coal miner m. with 1 child lives in Ayr Road, Hamilton.  Elizabeth m. Wm. Nevin a Stoker in  steamboat, with 3 children.  Catherine m. Wm. Verrier watchmaker and jeweller in Saltcoats with 2 children.  Maggie age 20 dom servant in Sterling. 

No. 1705  James Duncan b. Huntley, lives Grange Street, age 25  a labourer.  Wife Isabella Currie age 23 b. Carnoustie. Family  Isabella b. Montrose age 5.1/2, James b. Kirkcaldy age 3, John b. Brechin 11 months. Parents:  Peter Duncan coal merchant dec. and Jessie Frazer dec. He was married 6 years ago in Dundee before a J.P.  He was born Huntley and left when he was 5 and went to Brechin with Mother.  He has been out of work for 5 weeks.  

No. 1706  Margaret Ferguson or McMurray b. Paisley, a widow age 64.  Parents:  Daniel Ferguson, ploughman and Catherine Bale? Both dec.  Wife of John Murray labourer b. Paisley d. June 1887 at Eaglesham age 65.  His parents were William Murray weaver and Elizabeth McLesh (dec) She got relief from Eaglesham and they paid for her husband’s burial. 

No. 1707  Benzamin Wallace b. Paisley age 73 married to Janet McDonald age 65. Family:  Annie m. Robert Roadman, live in Baillieston with 3 children.  

No. 1708  Agnes Keir or White b. Campleton, Argyle age 24 married.  Husband in prison. Family:  John age 7 born Blantyre, Agnes age 3 b. Blantyre, Isobella age 1.1/2 born Blantyre. Parents:  Alex Keir and Isabella Gilchrist both dec.  She is the wife of Norman White labourer age 29 born Blantyre who is the illeg. Son of Isabella White (dec).  He has been imprisoned for quarelling and received 14 days.  They were married in Blantyre 31/12/1879. 

No. 1713  Donald Frazer, Grange Street.  Born Inverness a widow age 62.  A gardener.  His parents were Donald Frazer a gamekeekper dec. and Catherine McLeod dec.  His wife died 8 years ago. 

No. 1813  John Watt, Quay Street.  Married age 60 he is a coal carrier.  His wife is Elizabeth Roy age 57. Family:  Maggie 37 washerwoman but is not strong, Robert labourer m. with 4 children living in Quay Street.  Mary m. Neil Carle? Miner with 2 children living near Edinburgh.  William 21 labourer single but not known where he is. Janet 18 a bit silly and not very strong.  Also illeg. Child John age 15 and feeble. 

No. 1818 Isabella Ritchie or Bigham b. Whittletts a widow age 40 does housework. Family  James 13 b. Galston, Alex 10 b. Galston, Samuel age 8 born Galston, Charles 6 b. Kilwinning and John 1 year 11 months.  Her parents were Alex Ritchie (joiner dec) and Euphia Boyd now married to Robert Lafferty in Braidwood, Illinois, America.  She was married to Alen Bigham a miner afterwards carter 20 years ago in Kilwinning.  He died Kilwinning in 1886 age 39.  She has been resident in Stevenston 4 months before this Kilwinning 6 years.  Her husbands parents were James Bigham ploughman and Margaret Paterson

No. 1958  Ellen Keen or Allan b. Wigton m. age 42.  Her husband in Jail. Family John b. Green Street age 4, James b. Stevenston 2 months.  Also Mary 23 silly, Ellen 16 field worker, Margaret 14 not working.  William 19 with Militia at Ayr and Jeanie 21 in Quay Street with 1 illeg. Child.

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No. 2183 William Smith in Farrells Lodgings Townhead, born India, married age 30, occup. Shoemaker. Wife is Margaret Anderson age 25 born Coatbridge. He was married 2 years ago in Wigan, Lncs. He has no family. His parents were Martin Smith Soldier dec. and Agnes Wales dec.

No. 2187 Samuel Bigham, Ardeer Square, b. Dramore Co. Down. Age 30 married, a labourer at Furnace. Wife Mary Craig age 28 b. Ireland. Family: Mary 9, b. Dramore, Elizabeth 8, William 5 b. Stevenston, Ann Jane 4, Margaret 2, Isabella 1

No. 2088 Roseann Strain or Murray widow age 41 does housework. Family Hugh Murray age 11 ill with broch. Parents James Strain a nailer dec. and Elizabeth Kelly dec. Husband Thomas Murray b. Ireland.

No. 2112 Mary Jamieson or Robb, Townhead Street, b. Strathaven married age 60. Parents Alex Jamieson, butcher and Isabella Donald (both dec). Husband William Robb born Girvan, his parents Samuel Robb and Margaret Clyde (both dec). Family William 33 ploughman at Monkton married with family. Isabella m. Robert Tait farm servant at Dundonald with 3 children an illeg daiughter of wife's Mary Robb age 15.1/2 lives in house with grandmother. Samuel Robb ploughman married with 11 children in Hurlford. George in America. Alexander is a ploughman in Fenwick and single. Mary Robb 24 field worker with 1 illeg. Child. Her husband William Robb is in prison for 10 days.

No. 2131 James Craig living with John Conn, Schoolwell. He was born West Kilbride a widow age 79 a grain miller. Family Mary Craig m. John Conn with 4 children. William miner married with a large family about Glasgow. Robert miner married with large family some working near Coatbridge. He has been a resident in Stevenston for The rest to follow, 

No. 2253 (
1890) Charles Short, b. Parish of Clagher, Co. Tyrone, married age 51. Wife Agnes Nelson age 48 born Stranraer, married 8 years ago in Paisley. Parents Charles Short farm lab. and Susan McGinn. Wife's parents John Nelson and Elizabeth Wallace (both dec). He came over from Ireland 37 years ago and has also been in the Army for 11 years.

No. 2413 William Walker, Ardeer Square born Glasgow, married age 73. Wife Isabel Olephant age 73 born Paisley. Parents Robert Walker soldier and Janet Rae both dec. Family David 45 miller married with 6 children living in Parkside. Robert 53 a seaman not heard of for 18 years. 

No. 2417 William Bowie, married age 61 born Paisley, a weaver. Wife Eliza Murray age 50 born Armagh, Ireland. Family Alex 11 born Stevenston. Parents William Bowie weaver and Crawford Glen (dec). He has been in Stevenston for 20 years and has a pension of £12/annum from the Royal Naval Reserve.

No.        John Dinning born Muirkirk, married age 49 a hawker. Wife Elizabeth Carlin age 39 born Ireland. Parents Robert Dinning furnace lab. and Jean Thomson (both dec) He was married 7 years ago in Paisley by Father Chrisholm. Has had no fixed abode for the passed 7 years previously was in the Navy for 10 years.

No. 2463 Elizabeth Reid / Morris / Miller, widow age 50 born Stevenston. Family Elizabeth 10, Catherine 8, James 3. She is the illeg. Daughter of Ellen Reid from 62 Quay Street. Husband was James Mortris a Dynamite lab. who died 21/11/1891 age 48 he was born in Nottinghill Gate, London the son of William Morris coalheaver and Catherine Poland. Family Ellen 16 born Kilm a sewer at home.

No. 2464 Ellen McKillop / Reid / McKenzie age 71 a widow born Stevenston. Daughter of Peter Reid weaver and Isobella Glen. 1st husband was John McKillop a weaver and 2nd husband William McKenzie farm servand dec. Family Elizabeth as above no. 2463

No. 2529 Jean Watchman / Frew widow age 70 born Stevenston. Parents Archibald Watchman a miner and Jean Marshall. Husband David Frew died 17 years ago. Family James a seaman in London and Archibald a seamn in Schoolwell Street.

No. 2562 Alex Reid married age 77 born Stevenston a weaving agent. Wife Janet Clerk age 76 born Stev. Parents Peter Reid weaver and Isabella Glen. Family Peter married resident Paisley, Alex labourer with 5 children in Townhead, James married with a large family in Renfrew. Walter warehouseman married with 5 children in Manchester. Robert a patternmaker married with 5 children in Newton and Margaret a widow living in New Street.

No. 2582 (
1893) Janet Dick / Conn widow age 72 born Irvine. Husband David Conn a miner d. 13 years ago age 59. Family Robert miner married with 11 children, John ma. With 4 children, William m. 8 children, Elizabeth wife of Lewis Grant seaman with 5 children in Liverpool, David a seaman in Liverpool. She has been in Stevenston since she got married 50 years ago.

No. 2583 John McGregor, Townhead Street, widow age 49 b. Millport a shoemaker. Parents Robert McGregor schoolmaster and Janet Shanks (dec) Wife Elizabeth Marshall who died 6 years ago. Family James 18 born Stevenston living with an Aunt in Glasgow.

No. 2606 John Frew, in Boglemart b. Stevenston a widow age 63 a miner. Wife Annie McAuley who died 19 years ago. Family David Frew insurance agent married with 4 children, Henry Frew miner with 3 children and Mary wife of James Boyd dynamite worker.

No. 2607 Mary and Maggie Robb age 2 and 5 illeg. Children of Mary Robb a dynamite worker who is in prison for 30 days for neglecting her children.

No. 2630 – 1894 Elizabeth Scott Smillie Adam b. Stev. A widow age 63.  1st husband Robert Smillie seaman d. 20 years ago. 2nd husband George Adam a miner who d. 12 years ago age 45 who was b. Stevenston.  Family Robert Smillie miner, married with 4 children.  Catherine wife of John Shields a lab. whereabouts unknown. 

No. 2631 Agnes Douglas Easton b. Bothwell a widow age 51.  Has John (illeg.) born Glasgow and William (illeg) b. Cambuslang.  Her husband Robert Easton miner d. 2 years ago.  Family: Mary married to Edward Gillan? Fireman in Irvine, John a labourer married in Liverpool and Mathew a miner married in 122 Old Square, Annie married to William Binner a miner in Kilwinning , Elizabeth age 21 a servant in West Kilbride and Janet 18 a servant in Fenwich. 

No. 2632 Grace Currie McLachlan, Canal Street, Saltcoats a widow age 72.  Her husband was Mathew McLaughlan a weaver who died 1 month ago age 72 he was born Ayr. Family:  Mary m. to John Nicol a miner with 12 children living in The Braes, Janet m. to James Jackson a hawker with 9 children in Quay Street, Jeanie m. to John Scott a miner in Canal Street, Mathew a miner married with 6 children in Uddingston, John a miner married with 6 children and Catherine married to John Hamilton a Dynamite worker in Canal Street. 

No. 2665 Catherine Boon or Hannah a widow age 52 born Monkton, depend. Kate 13 b. Chapelhill and Rebecca 11.  Family:  John 30 lab. married with 5 children in Riccarton, Annie m. to Charles Brannan a carter with 4 children in Ardrossan, Andrew a ploughman m. in Chapelhill with 4 children, Margaret a widow in Saltcoats, James a carter m. in Ard. Jeanie a domestic serv. And David a servant in Stewarton. 

No. 2701 1895 John Weir widow age 74 applying for outdoor relief.  Family:  Mary Ann m. to James McManus, Isabella m. to William Kerr with 4 children, John a dock worker with 6 children, Andrew furnace feeder m. with 6 children in Kilbirnie.  Watson dealer married in Arran with 8 children. Thomas labourer married. Susanna m. to Thomas Taggart with 5 children seperated in Ardeer Square and James a dock worker with 2 children. 

No. 2710 James Cunningham widow age 50 born Maryhill. Parents George Cunningham labourer and Eliza Boyle. His wife was Mary McGill.

No. 2718 Campbell Ballantyne b. Stev. Age 29 an engineer his wife is Jeanie Murray age 23 with Agnes 4, b. Ard. Jeanie 2 g. Glasgow, Jessie 6 mths. B. Stev.  He is the son of John Ballantyne a craneman? And Agnes Frew who res. In Ardrossan. 

No. 2920 1895 William Grant married age 65 his wife Jeanie Frew age 63 b. Stev.  Son of Lewis Grant and Margaret McGhie both dec.  Family:  Margaret m. to William Alexander miner with 8 children, Lewis a seaman m. with 6 children in Liverpool, Robert seaman married with 6 children in Liverpool and William a miner with 1 child. 

No. 2933 Jean Patterson / Frew a widow age 60 born Strathaven, parents William Paterson weaver and Susan Mitchell in America. Husband William Frew died 6 years ago. Family James married with 6 children, David married no family, Jeenie, m.  Richard Maxwell no family, Susan m. James Hartley with 2 children, and Ellen  m. Bernard Lachland.

No. 2937 Ann Roy or Aitken b. Dalry a widow age 64. Family:  Barbour married with 11 children in Ayr.  John a lab. married in Sydney, James fireman, Andrew fireman married in Sydney, Mary m. to Hugh Wallace a Hotel Keeper in Sydney, Jamie married in Sydney and Annie married with 5 children in Sydney.  Margaret a dynamite worker earns 10/- per week and Joseph a dyn. Worker married with no family. 

No. 2941 1896 John Curry b. Beith single age 49.  Son of James Curry a miner dec. And Margaret Wilson in Australia.  Left poorhouse 3 weeks ago. 

No. 2947  James Smillie a widow age 58 is wholly insane.  Wife Margaret Trodden died 9 years ago.  Family:  James 31 single, Hugh 29 butcher in Saltcoats, Margaret 25 keeps house and Annie 21 is a servant.  He was sent to Ayr assyl. 

No. 2952 John McClymont a widow age 72 b. Cunninghamhead.  Son of John McClymont grocer and Margaret Frew both dead.  His wife Mary Barr died 16 years ago.  Family  John Railway porter married with 2 children.  William an engine driver married with 3 children in Greenock, Elizabeth m. to James Cunningham a gardener in Saltcoats, Margaret m. to James Warwick a quarryman with 3 children, Robert carter married in Springhill and Annie m. to Duncan McInnes a teacher.  He has lived in Dreghorn for 70 years left 12 months ago.

No. 2968 Charlotte Frew or Welsh in Townhead St., a widow age 24. Has John 2.1/2 and Agnes 4 mths.  Daughter of Robert Frew lab. and Mary Weir.  Her husband William Welsh a marine Fireman age 25 b. Stevenston drowned at Genoa on 7/4/1896 


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No. 201 William McGowan, residing with daughter. Age 78 a weaver his wife was Elizabeth Smith age 80. Depen: Annie who is married to Alex Brown with no family. Other children: Catherine a widow with 2 children, Agnes wife of Edward Armour, a weaving factory worker with 7 children, Jessdie married to Peter Kerr in Bradshaw Street with no family. He was receiving 3/- per week in 1899. 

No.     Margaret Duffy or Ramsay age 35 (1904) parents William Duffy quarryman and Catherine McKean both dead. Her husband John Ramsay age 40 born in Inverness, left about 1 year ago and is now in America. He has sent no money for 9 weeks. Children: Catherine 5, James 4, Eliz 2, William 4 months.

No. 359 James Frew age 39 an Iron moulder in Ardoch Crescent parents James Frew railway porter and Catherine Galt. His 2nd wife is Elizabeth Jane Nelson.

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No. 32  Archiebald Frew, Main Street age 50 years, pit lab. Dis. Bronchitis 22/8/1892 Stev. Father David Frew and Jean Watchman both dead Wife Catherine Saunders, 50 years, b. Crofthead Saltcoats parents Robert Saunders weaver and Martha Hill both dead. Child: Martha 17.1/2 dom. serv. earns 22/6 per month Jeanie 14.1/2 keeps house for uncle in Schoolwell Street earns 10/- per month

No. 74 Catherine Saunders, widow  6th March
1911 Archibald died 20/1/1911 he was a miner.

No. 359 James Frew, 1908, in Ardoch Crescent, Iron moulder, married 24/10/1906 Lancaster. Disability: Insanity Father James Frew railway porter res. Ardoch Crescent and Catherine Galt - dead. Wife Elizabeth Jane Nelson Child: Leonora Catherine b. 21/8/1908 Stevenston. Removed to asylum 10/11/08  


Children's Book


William Holmes age 9 an orphan. Father William Holmes seaman, he has been living with step mother Margaret Holmes a dressmaker in 14 Princes Street. Father lost June 1867 . He has one sister. He was engaged as a cabin boy 21/2/1870 by Captain Crossley on the Rivala which was bound for Barbados left Feb 1870. He was self supporting in 1870 age 12.

Catherine Wilson in 1867 age 3. Deserted by her father John Wilson and is staying with Thomas McGregor her maternal Grandfather at Ayr. 

Elizabeth Cuthbertson in 1869 age 3,1/2 an orphan. Her parents were David Cuthbertson a hostlier? and Isabella McDonald from Newton Ayr. She is living with her sister Agnes Cuthbertson a handsewer in Newton Ayr. She has one brother age 13 years an app. cork cutter.

Mary Scott in 1870 age 7 years 9 months. An illeg. child of Marion Scott who d. 23/3/1870 Since her birth she has lived with her grandmother Elizabeth Kilpatrich / Scott in 7 Bridge St Paisley. Her father is William Henderson a weaver in Glasgow who has been ordered to care for her.

Mary McKechan in 1871 5 year old orphan. Her parents were James McKechan and Mary Banks. Living with her uncle Adam Wilson in Townhead Street, she has been with him since her mother died 4 years ago.

James Reid in 1871 age 9, his mother is at service and he has been deserted by father. Parents James Reid and Mary Scott in Glasgow. He has lived since birth with his grandfather William Scott late collier in New Street and his brother Robert. His father returned 1872.

Elizabeth Watt in 1873 age 1 year and 8 months. Her mother is at service, Elizabeth Watt in Seaview House, Kilcreggan. Is living with grandmother Mrs Watt in Kilmarnock.

Andrew Cunningham in 1876 age 8 years and 11 months. Mother Margaret Jeffrey or Cunningham in Breck plough Stevenston. Is living with grandmother Mrs Jeffrey in Dreghorn. Also Mary Cunningham age 8 with John Crichton a Blacksmith in Kilmarnock but returned to Janet Sloan in Stevenston.

Thomas Robertson age 12, Samuel 10, Robert 8, Jane 4, deserted (1907) Parents William Robertson and Catherine Fulton whereabouts unknown. In 1908 all the children were sent to Quarries Home in Bride of Weir at the cost of 2/- per week each.


These are four from the modern books for Stevenston,


No. 1 Alex Thomson in 21 Auchenharvie Coatages, rent 12/1 per month. He is 35 a coal miner. Parents John Thomson coal miner in Ardeer Square and Janet Thomson dec. Wife Isabella Thomson age 43 b Stev. They were married 7/6/1912 in Stevenston. Children Isabella 11, John 10, Alex 6, Janet 3, Joan 3 months.

No. 2 Elizabeth Bradford Monaghan, in 1 Harbour Road Saltcoats. age 50 born in Co. Down, Ireland. Parents Robert Bradford a railway signalman and Francis Tait both dec. Husband John Monagham age 46 born Annbank is in Canada, idle, an electric cable worker. They were m. 28/12/1899 in Kilwinning. Family: Gertrude 19 a dynamite worker, Cissie 15 at school, Robina 12. Also James a labourer married with 2 children idle and Martha married to J. Wales a baker with 1 child in Winnipeg Canada.

No.3 Margaret Stewart McCulloch she is homeless, age 50 born in Old Cumnock, an outdoor worker. Her parents were Samual Stewart, contractor and Jane Bruce both dec. Husband Alex McCulloch a farm worker age 50 born Troon, whereabouts unknown, not seen for 20 years. They were m. 26/9/1894 in Kilmarnock. Family Jeanie a dom. servant in England - not heard from. She has been here and there for the past 3 years.

No. 4 John Boyle age 45 in Station Square rent of £8 10/- per year. Born Doura, Co. Cavan, wife Mary Craw age 51 b. Kildare a charwoman. They were m. 9/8/1903 in Glasgow. His parents were James Boyle baker and Ann......... res in Ireland. Family James 16 b in Renfrew was in a Sanatorium for 7 months. Wife earns 22/2 cleaning school.







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