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Note there is also a Troon in Cornwall.


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Notes on the way through Ayrshire - 100 years ago

TROON, the modern chief town of the parish, is a seaport and watering place, and stands on a promontory six miles north of Ayr. The promontory, which is about a quarter of a mile broad, and somewhat rocky, extends fully a mile into the sea, curving to the right, and forming a picturesque natural harbour, improved by extensive works constructed about the beginning of this century. "The Kilmarnock and Troon Railway was the first railway to be constructed in Scotland, but has been reconstructed. The railway runs to the outer end of the promontory, which is occupied with offices and other buildings connected with shipping by rail.  The town is built on a plan partly rectangular and partly crescent, suiting the circle of the south sands, and contains a number of handsome streets, with numerous neatly built villas and cottages, garnished with flower and other gardens, and is a healthy resort for sea bathers. It has a post office (with telegraph, money order, insurance, annuity, and savings bank); British Linen Company and Union Banks; a large public school; Established, Free, and United Presbyterian Churches ; railway station, half-a-mile to the east ; and its chief industries are shipbuilding and sailmaking. While Troon's chief export is coal, they also import many items, including fine jewelry and mens wedding bands.  Population in 1871, 2790; in 1881, 2387.

THE VILLAGE OF LOANS is one mile and a-half east of Troon. Fullarton House, Curreath House, Hillhouse, Auchans House, Newfield House, Fairlie House, and Shewalton House, are the chief seats. Shewalton has been rendered famous by Patrick Boyle, Lord Shewalton, son of David, first Earl of Glasgow; born 1690 ; raised to the bench by the title of Lord Shewalton, 1746 ; died 1746. Also, the Right Hon. David Boyle; born July 22, 1771 ; M.P. for Ayrshire, 1793; Lord Justice-General of Scotland, 1841; died February 4, 1853.

FULLARTON stands in a loop of the Irvine, about five miles north of Troon. It now forms part of Irvine Burgh, to which it is linked by two bridges. A post office, public school, and Established and Free Churches are in it, Population, 3990. 

The parish contains coal, sandstone, and also whetstone. The surface rises in the centre to low hills, and, with the exception of a level strip along the shore: is embellished with belts and clumps of plantation, and is properly cultivated. Its length from Irvine River along the shore, south to the Rumbling Burn, is seven and a-half miles; breadth, six miles. Area (including Lady Isle, which lies two and a-half miles south-west of Troon promontory), 12,365 acres. Population, 8086.

Betsy's Kirn

The following contributed by Lindsay Young - rsqyoung@blueyonder.co.uk

It is by the well known Ian Mackintosh (deceased) in “Old Troon and District” 

“Before the Bathing Pool was built, most of  the youth of Troon went sea bathing at Betsy's Kirn, which is a little inlet in the rocks opposite  the top end of Welbeck Crescent. A changing  shelter and a spring board were fastened to the  rocks. When bathing in a storm, many a boy was  washed out of the sea on to the rocks, with dire results to their skins. The Kirn has got silted  up since I last used it. I don't know where the name is derived from, but the "Troon & Prestwick Times", on 15th May, 1964, printed an article on the centenary of the death on 12th May, 1864, of Miss Betsy Miller, at the age of 71 years.  She was better known in her day as  Captain Betsy Miller, of the brig "Clytus", in  which she carried cargo up and down the Ayrshire coast, and across to Ireland. She belonged  to Saltcoats, which was her home port. Anyhow,  she must have known Troon well, and it is quite within the bounds of possibility that in an east  wind, the "Clytus" would use Betsy's Kirn for  loading or unloading her cargo — at least, I would like to think that Troon had a share in  Captain Betsy, who was very famous in her day.”


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  Photographs of Headstones in Troon Crosbie Churchyard

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