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Welcome to Ayrshire Roots

Created in: August, 2000




I hope that you manage to find the details that you are looking for amongst the hundreds of pages available to you in this site. The site is totally free to use and in return I hope that you can contribute some data that may be of use to other genealogists searching for their roots in Ayrshire



If you are looking for information past and present on Ayrshire Towns then you will find historical details, maps, and many views old and new for Ayrshire towns or parishes by clicking on  Towns. Our ancestors in Ayrshire lived and worked in the various towns and parishes throughout the County. Researching our roots is not complete without seeing where they lived and the history of the area. Under Towns it is hoped to have old and new views of all the Ayrshire towns together with details of their past industries and history. Links will take you to any local websites where they exist.  


If you are looking for details on how to search for your Ayrshire Ancestors or what resources are available to you then click on  Genealogy. This site has been constructed to help those searching for their Ayrshire Scottish roots. There is help for those starting out in Genealogy (and even the more experienced) with details on how to go about it and where to look for the information which will help you construct your Family Tree. Links to all the relevant archives and libraries, A great historical section to help understand the environment our ancestors had.


If you are looking for details on specific Surnames you will find descendant trees, IGI, OPR, Census details on an ever growing list of names by clicking on  Surnames.

You will also have search links to search the site for that surname, and links to subscribe to that surnames Rootsweb Mailing List and Message Board.

Surname Database

As research in particular family names proceeds it is useful to make contact with others researching the same family name. Already many have made contact with 'family members' through the Surnames listing of Descendant Trees etc. Please e-mail your Ayrshire connections for uploading to the site. A database of over 80,000 Ayrshire related people has already  been built up.

Guest Book

Click on the Guest Book to see what information others are looking for and to leave any requests for information you want.


The search facility allows you to do a quick search of this site for the name, place, or date you might be looking for, using several search engines. There is also an inbuilt search link on each Town and Surname page. There is now a vast amount of information on the site and it is being added almost daily. The search tools are now the most valuable part of the site. There are three search tools and it is worth using all three as they are indexed at different times and work over slightly different content.

What's New

As new material is added to the site an ongoing dated list of these will be maintained in the what's new section. This will help you find anything that has been added since your last visit to the site.


There is a Forum in the site for you to use to contact others about all your genealogy interests


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  This is THE site for finding your Post 1855 ancestors

The Official Scottish Site  - Scotlandspeople


The Statutory Registers of births for Scotland, 1855-2009 (indexes and digital images until 1910, indexes only from 1909-2009).

The Statutory Registers of marriages for Scotland, 1855-2009 (indexes and digital images until 1935, indexes only from 1934-2009).

The Statutory Registers of deaths for Scotland, 1855-2009 (indexes and digital images until 1960, indexes only from 1959-2009).

The 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1891, 1901 & 1911 Census Returns for Scotland (indexes and digital images), 1881 (indexes, digital images and full transcript).

The Old Parochial Registers of baptisms and the proclamations/marriages for Scotland, 1553-1854 (indexes and digital images).

The Old Parochial Registers of deaths and burials for Scotland, 1553-1854 (indexes and digital images).

Scottish Wills and Testaments from 1513 to 1901 (indexes and digital images).

Scottish Coats of Arms Search 1672-1907.

Catholic Registers

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  The 1911 Census for Scotland is now online on Scotlandspeople. This census details information collected from more than 4.7 million Scots - marking a century since the data was first gathered.

The census images include the name, address, age, occupation, birthplace and marital status of everyone counted in the 1911 census, as well as details about their children. For the first time, the census images are available in full colour.

                        Visit the ScotlandsPeople website to view details of Famous Scots including John Logie Baird and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and ancestors of Ewan McGregor and Gordon Ramsay.


International Genealogical Index (IGI) Familysearch

How to use the New FamilySearch Website

If you still want to use the OLD website   Click Here

 1881 British Census, 1880 United States Census and the 1881 Canadian Census , searchable databases of more than 85 million people, are now on the Internet.  Note the search will not find anyone who is resident in SCOTLAND at the census, as this is excluded - instead use the 1881 Census CD-Rom or Scotlandspeople website above.

FamilySearch.org's International Genealogical Index (IGI) is now better than ever. The new, updated version of this online database has more names and displays the information source for an individual's records. Also, as new information is gathered, it will be added to the online inde . A small number of individuals are now linked into families and can be viewed on pedigree charts. Family group records and pedigree charts are downloadable, and the number of individuals linked into families is expected to increaseheck out the IGI at: http://www.familysearch.org

Now with a new search engine - The new search engine pulls together more records than before and puts them in categories such as Census, Birth Marriage and Death, Military, Migration and Naturalization, etc.



The ScotlandsPlaces website ( www.scotlandsplaces.gov.uk )

Has added a new set of free-to-view historical tax records on its site for many Scottish counties. Clock and WatchTax was paid from 1797-98, and its surviving records (held at the National Archives of   Scotland under E326/12) provide a remarkable horological insight the period, listing the names of clock and watch owners, as well as the time pieces they owned and the amount of tax due.



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The New Book By Dane Love




Amazon:- Ayrshire Then and Now

The History Press:- Ayrshire Then and Now





Ayr Then & Now takes a fond look at the Royal Burgh of Ayr over the past decades, contrasting a fascinating selection of archive photographs and postcards alongside modern photography of Ayr as it is today.

From the early exploits of Sir William Wallace, through Ayr’s connection to the life of Robert Burns, to more recent buildings and notable events, this is a wide-ranging look at the town, past and present. Captivatingly illustrating the changes that have taken place over the past century, Ayr Then & Now will be treasured by all those who love ‘Auld Ayr’.


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 Online since Aug. 2000 

Note: - Ayrshire is also a city in Palo Alto County, Iowa, USA - population 202 in 2000 census

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